Friday, April 29, 2022

Ralph Fiennes & Juliette Binoche Reunite For Uberto Pasolini's THE RETURN

Ralph Fiennes Juliette Binoche Reunite Epic Drama The Return

"The English Patient" stars Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche have signed on to star in the epic drama "The Return" directed by Uberto Pasolini ("Still Life", "Machan").

Described as a gritty retelling of the timeless story of Odysseus' return home from war, the film's script is penned by John Collee ("Master & Commander") and UK playwright Edward Bond.

After 20 years away, Odysseus (Fiennes) washes up on the shores of Ithaca, haggard and unrecognizable. The King has finally returned home but much has changed in his kingdom since he left to fight in the Trojan war.

His beloved wife Penelope (Binoche) is now a prisoner in her own home, hounded by her many ambitious suitors to choose a new husband, a new king. Their son Telemachus, who has grown up fatherless, is facing death at the hands of the suitors who see him as an obstacle in their relentless pursuit of Penelope and the kingdom.

The film will launch sales next month in Cannes. James Clayton and Pasolini produce for Red Wave Films.


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