Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Bella Thorne and Jack Kilmer to Star in Dark Fantasy Drama THE TOWER

Bella Thorne Jack Kilmer Star In The Tower

Bella Thorne ("Divinity") and Jack Kilmer ("Palo Alto", "Lords of Chaos") have signed on to star in the fantasy drama "The Tower" from filmmaker Adam Sigal ("Nandor Fodor and The Talking Mongoose"). This is one of 102 projects to have been granted a SAG-AFTRA Interim Agreement following the launch of the actors strike.

The film is a dark tale about a mysterious mermaid trapped and forgotten for years in the water tower of a small Southern town. The director described it as his "attempt to interpret the isolation and wanderlust I felt growing up in a small Southern town."

The cast will also include Cam Gigandet ("Violent Night") and Chris Mullinax. The film is currently in production. Producers include B.I. Rosen, Frederic Demey, James Bruce, Johnny Remo, Clare Bateman-King and Joey Stanton. Dani Druz, Sasha Yelaun, Dane and Liz Fiori, Johnny Graham, David Lipper, Robert A. Daly Jr, Tim Marlowe and Phil Goldfine are serving as executive producers.

Thorne also stars in the upcoming features "Rumble Through the Dark", "Saint Clare and The Trainer", and the sci-fi thriller "Divinity", which world premiered at Sundance 2023.


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