Sunday, October 1, 2023

Weekend Box-Office: PAW PATROL Sequel Beats SAW X and THE CREATOR

Weekend Box Office Paw Patrol Saw X Creator

Paramount's animated sequel "PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie" topped the charts this weekend and defeated new releases like Lionsgate's horror sequel "Saw X", and Disney/New Regency's sci-fi thriller "The Creator". The GameStop scandal movie "Dumb Money" expanded nationwide, but failed to attract moviegoers. Fathom Events' biopic "The Blind" however, offered a surprisingly solid performance.

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"Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie" opened in first place with $23 million from 3,989 theaters, which is a solid improvement over the first film's $13.1 million 2021 debut. That film opened simultaneously in cinemas and on streaming on Paramount+. It also raked in $23.1 million overseas, which brings the worldwide total to $46.1 million against a $30 million production budget. The film received mostly positive reviews from critics (82% on Rotten Tomatoes), and moviegoers enjoyed it ("A" CinemaScore).

"Saw X" opened in second place with $18 million from 3,262 theaters, which is below the openings of the original seven installments, but better than "Spiral" ($8.7 million) and "Jigsaw" ($16.6 million). It also grossed another $11.3 million internationally. The production budget is estimated at around $13 million, so the film is already very profitable. The critical reception has been mostly positive (84% Rotten Tomatoes), but the audience receptions is mostly lukewarm ("B" CinemaScore).

20th Century Studios' sci-fi film "The Creator" opened in third place with $14 million from 3,680 theaters, which isn't very impressive especially considering the film cost $80 million to produce. Overseas it added another $18.3 million for a worldwide total of $32.3 million. Both critics and audiences were mostly mixed on it (68% on Rotten Tomatoes, "B+" CinemaScore).

"The Nun II" dropped to fourth place after two weeks at #1. It grossed $4.6 million over the weekend, dropping 45%. The film has now grossed a total of $76.7 million domestically and another $154.4 million overseas, which adds up to $231.2 million worldwide.

The Top 5 is rounded out by the surprise entry "The Blind" a biopic about Phil Robertson, patriarch of television's "Duck Dynasty" family. The film opened on Thursday and finished the weekend with $4.1 million and $4.9 million for the 4-day frame, all from just 1,717 theaters.

In other news, "Dumb Money" expanded to 2,837 theaters, but only grossed $3.5 million, landing in seventh place. The sequel "Expend4bles" suffered a massive 69% decline in its second weekend, finishing in ninth place with only $2.4 million.

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie $23M $23M $24.4M $30M
2 Saw X $18M $18M $11.3.M $13M
3 The Creator $14M $14M $18.3M $80M
4 The Nun II $4.6M $76.7M $154.4M $38M
5 The Blind $4.1M $4.9M N/A N/A
6 A Haunting in Venice $3.8M $31.6M $58.2M $60M
7 Dumb Money 3.5M $7.3M $0.7M $30M
8 The Equalizer 3 $2.7M $85.9M $72.4M $70M
9 Expend4bles $2.4M $13.2M $6M $100M
10 Barbie $1.4M $633M $800.3M $145M


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