Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Emmy Rossum Joins Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried in Apple TV Series

Emmy Rossum Joins Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried in Apple TV+ serie
Emmy Rossum ("Shameless") is set to star in Apple's upcoming anthology series "The Crowded Room" which hails from "A Beautiful Mind" writer Akiva Goldsman. Each season of the show will explore inspirational stories of those who have struggled with mental illness and learned to live successfully with it. The first season is based in part on Goldsman's own life and inspired by Daniel Keyes' biography "The Minds of Billy Milligan". Goldsman wrote and executive produces the series.

Holland will star as the lead, Danny Sullivan, loosely based on Milligan, who was the first person acquitted of a crime because of multiple-personality disorder, now known as dissociative identity disorder. Rossum will play Candy, Danny's mother. Through their struggles in life, she dreams of salvation in the form of someone else. Seyfried plays Rya, a clinical psychologist faced with the most challenging case of her career.

Also joining the cast are Sasha Lane, Christopher Abbott, and Emma Laird. Lane will play Danny's best friend Ariana, who is also dealing with unresolved traumas from her past. Laird will play Isabel, a longtime friend of Danny's. And Abott joins the cast as Stan, Danny's attorney, who struggles with his own demons following his time in the Vietnam War.

Rossum will next star in Peacock's upcoming limited series "Angelyne".


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