Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Melanie Laurent to Star as French Trailblazing Artist Rosa Bonheur

Melanie Laurent Picture

"Inglourious Basterds" and "6 Underground" star Melanie Laurent has signed on to star in the upcoming biopic "Rosa Bonheur" directed by Fabienne Berthaud ("A Bigger World", "Lily Sometimes"). The film is being produced by Carole Scotta, Barbara Letellier and Caroline Benjo at Haut et Court, the company behind "Coco Before Chanel" and "The Night of the 12th" .

The film chronicles the life of Rosa Bonheur, a trailblazing feminist and artist who rose to fame in 19th century France. Laurent will star in the titular role in Berthaud's film which has been described as a "sprawling period movie". The film will also chronicle Bonheur's world acclaim, including in the U.S. where she befriended William Frederick Cody, aka Buffalo Bill. Bonheur's most iconic work, "The Horse Fair", which is a 16-foot canvas unveiled in 1853, is currently hanging at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Filming will take place on location in Bonheur's well-preserved atelier at her Château de By in Thomery, where she worked and lived for over 40 years, alongside her partner Nathalie Micas and later with Anna Klumpke, an American painter. The crew includes Nathalie Durand, the cinematographer of Xavier Legrand's Venice prize-winning "Custody". The film will shoot in French with some English dialogue.

Berthaud is working closely with Katherine Brault, who bought the Chateau de By in 2017 and transformed it into a museum. Across the chateau and its attics, Brault uncovered hundreds of letters, works of art, objects and documents that have stayed intact for over a century and will be used by Berthaud for the movie.


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