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Weekend Box-Office: ARGYLLE Tanks With $18 Million Debut

Weekend Box Office Argylle

It was another slow weekend at the box-office, but Matthew Vaughn's expensive new movie "Argylle" was unable to switch gears and impress despite opening in first place.

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"Argylle" topped the charts over the weekend with $18 million from 3,605 theaters. The bad news is that the movie cost around $200 million to produce. Even if the movie has strong legs, I can't see how they can recover from such a slow start. Overseas it adds another $17.3 million, which brings the worldwide debut to $35.3 million. The film has received a negative reception from both critics (35% on Rotten Tomatoes) and moviegoers ("C+").

A big surprise this weekend is that Fathom Events' screening of the first three episodes of the fourth season of "The Chosen" came in second place with $6 million from 2,263 theaters. Those aren't massive numbers, but it's still a strong performance for the crowdfunded project.

"The Beekeeper" finished in third place with $5.2 million, but only dropped 20.9% in its third weekend. The film has now grossed $49.4 million domestically and $73.1 million overseas.

"Wonka" is still doing great, finishing in fourth place this week with $4.7 million and an impressively soft 15.8% decline. Total box-office now stands at $201.1 in North America and $370.6 million overseas.

The Top 5 is rounded out by "Migration" with $4.1 million, which brings the domestic total to $106.1 million.

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 Argylle $18M $18M $17.3M $200M
2 The Chosen: S4 Episodes 1-3 $6M $7.4M N/A N/A
3 The Beekeeper $5.2M $49.4M $73.1M $40M
4 Wonka $4.7M $201.1M $370.6.M $125M
5 Migration $4.1M $106.1M $115.7M $72M
6 Mean Girls $4M $66.3M $26.3M $36M
7 Anyone But You $3.5M $76.2M $75.5M $25M
8 American Fiction $2.3M $15M N/A $10M
9 Poor Things $2.1M $28.1M $40.1M $35M
10 Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom $2M $120.7M $302.7M $225M


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