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Weekend Box-Office: BOB MARLEY Movie Takes Down MADAME WEB

Weekend Box Office Bob Marley Movie Madame Web

Paramount's biopic "Bob Marley: One Love" topped the charts over the 6-day Valentine's Day/President's Day holiday combo. Meanwhile, the comic book movie "Madame Web" tanked.

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"Bob Marley: One Love" defied expectations and opened in first place with $27.7 million over the 3-day weekend and $51 million from 3,539 theaters for the six-day extended holiday. Initial projections were around $35 million. Overseas it adds another $29 million, which brings the worldwide total to $80 million against a $70 million budget. The film received mixed reviews from critics (43% on Rotten Tomatoes), but moviegoers enjoyed it ("A" CinemaScore.

"Madame Web" finished in second place with $15.1 million from 4,013 theaters and $25.8 million for the six-day. Overseas it raked in another $25.7 million from 61 markets. That's really low since the film cost around $80 million to produce. Both critics and moviegoers hated the film (13% on Rotten Tomatoes and "C+" CinemaScore).

"Argylle" droped to #3 with $4.7 million. That's a soft 24% decline. The film has now grossed $36.4 million domestically.

In fourth place we find "Migration" going up one spot and grossing $3.7 million. That's a 27% increase despite losing around 200 theaters this week.

The Top 5 is rounded out by the faith-based TV series "The Chosen" with $3.5 million for the 3-day and $4.1 million through Monday.

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 Bob Marley: One Love $27.7M $51M $29M $70M
2 Madame Web $15.1M $25.8M $25.7M $80M
3 Argylle $4.7M $37.2M $40M $200M
4 Migration $3.7M $116M $140M $72M
5 The Chosen: S4 Episodes 4-6 $3.4M $4.2M N/A N/A
6 Wonka $3.4M $209.8M $395.1M $125M
7 The Beekeeper $3.2M $60.5M $83.3M $40M
8 Anyone But You $2.4M $85.1M $104.2M $25M
9 Lisa Frankenstein $2M $8M N/A $13M
10 Land of Bad $1.8M $2M N/A N/A


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