Saturday, August 15, 2020

Zac Efron Set to Star in THREE MEN AND A BABY Remake

Zac Efron Set to Star in THREE MEN AND A BABY Remake
Zac Efron is set to star in Disney's upcoming remake of the 1987 comedy "Three Men and a Baby", which in turn was a remake of the French film "Three Men". The original film starred Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson, and it was directed by Leonard Nimoy.

The 1980s film followed three New York bachelors living a carefree lifestyle and sharing an apartment, who find themselves forced to take care of a baby left by one of the guys' girlfriends. At the time, it became the first live-action Disney movie to gross $100 million. A sequel titled "Three Men and a Little Lady" was released in 1990, but wasn't as well received.

The remake's script is penned by Will Reichel ("Hot Air"), and it will be produced by Gordon Gray. The search for a director is underway. The remake will be released via Disney+.

This marks a return to Disney for Efron, whose rise to stardom was due to his breakout turns in the "High School Musical" movies between 2006 and 2008. He can currently be seen in the documentary series "Down to Earth", which he also executive produced, that was released on Netflix in July.


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