Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Jude Law to Play Captain Hook in Disney's Live-Action PETER PAN

Jude Law to Play Captain Hook in Disney's Live-Action PETER PAN
Oscar nominated actor Jude Law is in talks to play the infamous villain, Captain Hook, in Disney's upcoming fantasy film "Peter Pan & Wendy", the studio's live-action adaptation of their 1953 animated classic "Peter Pan", which in turn was based on J.M. Barrie's novel.

The film will be directed by David Lowery ("Pete's Dragon") from a script he co-wrote alongside Toby Halbrooks. It's expected to be released theatrically, and not via Disney+. The cast also includes Ever Anderson as Wendy, and Alexander Molony as Peter Pan. Filming was paused on March 13 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other live-action adaptations of Barrie's book include Steven Spielberg's 1991 film "Hook" starring Robin Williams as a grown-up Peter and Dustin Hoffman as the titular villain, Universal's 2003 movie "Peter Pan", which starred Jason Isaacs as the villainous captain, and the 2015 origin story "Pan", in which Hook was played by Garrett Hedlund. Both the 1991 and the 2015 film were box-office bombs.

Law can next be seen in the Sundance film "The Nest", in which he stars opposite Carrie Coon.


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