Friday, September 16, 2022

BLADE RUNNER 2099 Sequel Series Greenlit by Amazon With Ridley Scott As Executive Producer

Blade Runner 2099 Sequel Series Amazon

Amazon has officially announced that a live-action series set in the "Blade Runner" universe has been picked up for Prime Video. Titled "Blade Runner 2099", the show will be executive produced by Ridley Scott, the director of the original 1982 movie, and it will be a follow-up to the sequel "Blade Runner 2049" directed by Denis Villeneuve.

The script is penned by Silka Luisa ("Shining Girls", "Halo"), who is also executive producing and will serve as showrunner. The project has been in priority development at Amazon Studios. As the title indicates, the story will be set 50 years after the events in "Blade Runner 2049". Scott said last year that the pilot and show bible were already being written, and that he expected the series to consist of 10 hourlong episodes. Alcon Entertainment, which holds the rights to "Blade Runner", said Luisa has developed a "provocative storyline" for the show.

Vernon Sanders, head of global television at Amazon Studios, said the following:
"The original Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, is considered one of the greatest and most influential science-fiction movies of all time, and we're excited to introduce Blade Runner 2099 to our global Prime Video customers. We are honored to be able to present this continuation of the Blade Runner franchise, and are confident that by teaming up with Ridley, Alcon Entertainment, Scott Free Productions, and the remarkably talented Silka Luisa, Blade Runner 2099 will uphold the intellect, themes, and spirit of its film predecessors."

Alcon Entertainment co-CEOs and co-founders Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson are executive producing the series along with "Blade Runner 2049" screenwriter Michael Green, Ben Roberts and Cynthia Yorkin as well as Scott Free Productions' David W. Zucker and Clayton Krueger, Frank Giustra, and Isa Dick Hackett. Tom Spezialy ("The Leftovers", "Ash vs Evil Dead") has joined the writers room and will also serve as an executive producer.


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