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Weekend Box-Office: THE BATMAN Threepeats With $36.8M and Hits $300M Domestically

Weekend Box-Office: THE BATMAN Threepeats With $36.8M and Hits $300M Domestically
"The Batman" is still the top movie at the box-office for a third consecutive weekend. The biggest surprise of the week, however, is the Japanese anime film "Jujutsu Kaisen 0", which pulled of quite an impressive feat. Other new releases this week include the horror films "X" and "Umma", the suspense thriller "The Outfit", and the Historical Hindi-language drama "The Kashmir Files".

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With no major new releases, "The Batman" dominated the box-office with $36.8 million in its third weekend, dropping around 45%. The film has now crossed the $300 million domestically. Overseas it raked in another $49.1 million for an international total of $298 million. The film's release in China wasn't as impressive as expected due to the country shutting down following another COVID-19 surge, and the film only ended up grossing $12.1 million. "The Batman" has now grossed $598 million worldwide.

A big surprise is that FUNimation's anime film "Jujutsu Kaisen 0", which is based on a popular manga and a prequel to the "Jujutsu Kaisen" series, opened in second place with $14.8 million from 2,286 theaters. Internationally, the film has grossed a total of $112 million.

"Uncharted" finished in third place with $8 million. The film dropped just 13.5%, and has grossed a total of $125.8 million. Meanwhile, overseas it raked in $19 million and has crossed the $200 million milestone.

A24's slasher horror film "X" opened in fourth place with $4.4 million from 2,886 theaters.

The Top 5 is rounded out by "Dog" with $4 million. The Channing Tatum starrer dropped just 21% and has grossed a total of $54 million domestically.

In other news, "The Outfit" debuted in eighth place with $1.5 million from 1,324 theaters, and "The Kashmir Files" finished in eighth place with $1.4 million. The supernatural horror film "Umma" landed outsided the Top 10 with $915,000 from 805 theaters.

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 The Batman $36.8M $300M $298M $200M
2 Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie $14.8M $17.6M $112M N/A
3 Uncharted $8M $125.8M $211.4M $120M
4 X $4.4M $4.4M N/A N/A
5 Dog $4M $54.2M $7.8M $15M
6 Spider-Man: No Way Home $3.2M $797.5M $1B $200M
7 Death on the Nile $1.7M $43.5M $87.1M $90M
8 The Outfit $1.5M $1.5M N/A N/A
9 The Kashmir Files $1.4M $1.4M N/A N/A
10 Sing 2 $1.4M $158.4M $218M $85M


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