Sunday, March 13, 2022

Box-Office: THE BATMAN Dominates Second Weekend and Rises to $238 Million

Weekend Box-Office The Batman Sophomore frame

With no new wide releases for the weekend, "The Batman" had a clear path to the top of the box-office in its sophomore frame, and the film managed to perform better than any other recent Batman movie. Also, the Top 5 this weekend looks exactly the same as it did last week.

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"The Batman" topped the charts in its second weekend with $66 million, dropping 50.7%, which is a better sophomore hold than that of "The Dark Knight" (-53%), "The Dark Knight Rises" (-61%) and "Batman v Superman" (-69%). The film's domestic total has now reached $238.5 million, and another $224.7 million overseas, for a global total of $463.2 million.

"Uncharted" is holding steady in second place with $9.2 million. The film dropped just 16.7%, and has grossed a total of $113.3 million domestically after four weeks. Overseas it added another $11.2 million for an international total of $187.9 million.

Another holdover is the Channing Tatum movie "Dog" in third place. The film grossed $5.3 million the weekend, dropping just 12%, and reached a domestic total of $47.8 million.

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" finished in fourth place with $4 million. The film is proving remarkably resilient, dropping a very soft 9.8%. It has now grossed $792.2 million domestically, and total of $1.876 billion worldwide.

The Top five is rounded out by "Death on the Nile" with $2.5 million. The film's domestic tally is now at $40.7 million, while overseas it has raked in a total of $78.3 million.

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 The Batman $66M $238M $224.7M $200M
2 Uncharted $9.2M $113.3M $187.9M $120M
3 Dog $5.3M $47.8M $6.3M $15M
4 Spider-Man: No Way Home $4M $792.2M $1B $200M
5 Death on the Nile $2.5M $40.7M $78.3M $90M
6 Sing 2 $1.5M $155.8M $211M $85M
7 Jackass Forever $1.1M $56.2M $19.2M $10M
8 Scream $0.4M $80.9M $58.4M $24M
9 Cyrano $0.3M $3.3M $1.6M $30M
10 Marry Me $0.3M $22M $26.7M $23M


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