Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mahershala Ali to Star in Marvel's BLADE Reboot

Mahershala Ali to Star in Marvel's BLADE Reboot
Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali ("Green Book", "True Detective") will star as comic book vampire hunter Blade in an upcoming reboot set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wesley Snipes previously played the character in 1998's "Blade" directed by Stephen Norrington, and its two sequels "Blade II", directed by Guillermo del Toro, and "Blade: Trinity" directed by David S. Goyer.

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige made the announcement at the San Diego Comic-Con and Ali also took the stage at the announcement. Marvel reacquired the rights to the character, along with Ghost Rider and Punisher, in 2013.

Created by Marv Wolfman, Blade, by his real name Eric Brooks, is a half-man and half-vampire vigilante, who possesses "all their strengths, none of their weaknesses except for the thirst". Also known as the Daywalker, he protects humans from vampires and hunts down the undead using his unique abilities.

No release date has been announced, nor if it will be a feature film or a Disney+ streaming series (which would totally suck).

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