Friday, May 25, 2018

James Mangold to Write and Direct BOBA FETT Movie

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Boba Fett Image

As "Solo: A Star Wars Story" rolled into theaters today, a report by the Hollywood Reporter reveals that "Logan" and "Walk the Line" helmer James Mangold is set to write and direct an upcoming "Star Wars" spinoff movie that will focus on bounty hunter Boba Fett. The screenplay is rumored to be written by Simon Kinberg ("The Martian", "X-Men: Days of Future Past"). Along with "Solo", the film will be a part of the studio's lineup of "Star Wars" origin stories that will also include an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, which might be directed by Stephen Daldry ("The Hours").

Boba Fett was introduced in the original trilogy's "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi". The character was a notorious Mandalorian bounty hunter who worked for the Empire and Jabba the Hutt and was hired to capture Han Solo. A first attempt at exploring his origin story was made in 2002's "Attack of the Clones". British actor Jeremy Bulloch played Fett in the classic films.

Mangold is also set to direct Christian Bale and Matt Damon in the biopic "Ford vs Ferrari", and will also helm the drama "Crenshaw" based on Katherine Applegate's novel of the same name.


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