Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Box-Office: CARS 3 Whizzes Past WONDER WOMAN


In its third weekend at the box-office, Warner Bros' "Wonder Woman" continued to perform above expectations, but was no match for Disney and Pixar's "Cars 3". Meanwhile, the biopic "All Eyes on Me" and shark thriller "47 Meters Down" also proved more bankable than expected, while the R-rated comedy "Rough Night" disappointed.

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"Cars 3" conquered the top spot over the weekend with a $53.5 million opening, which is great, but a step down from the $66 million grossed by "Cars 2" when it opened in 2011. It's also one of the smallest debuts in Pixar history, the absolute worst being "A Good Dinosaur" with $39 million. The film grossed another $21.3 million from overseas markets, but still has to open in more countries in the following weeks. "Cars 3" received a solid "A" grade from opening night audiences according to CinemaScore, and mixed reviews from critics (66% on Rotten Tomatoes and 59 on Metacritic).

In second place, "Wonder Woman" continues to impress with $40.7 million, the best third weekend for a DC Comics adaptation since "The Dark Knight" ($42.6 million), outpacing "Man of Steel" and "Suicide Squad".  Its worldwide total is now fast-approaching $600 million. Overall it's very good news for Warner Bros and the fate of the DCEU.

The Tupac Shakur biopic "All Eyez on Me" opened in third place with a solid $27 million. It's an amazing result considering that the film was widely panned by critics (24% on Rotten Tomatoes and 38 on Metacritic). Opening night audiences, however, gave it an encouraging "A-" (CinemaScore), and that could help the film continue to score big bucks in the following weeks.

The Tom Cruise starrer "The Mummy" dropped to fourth place and grossed $13.9 million, a 56% drop that sounds bad, bud could have been worse. Its domestic cume has reached $56.5 million, while the international earnings have reached a much more spectacular $239.1 million, which means the film has turned a profit. Plans for the Dark Universe are still moving forward, so this first misstep may be forgotten if Universal learns some lessons from this one.

The Top 5 is rounded up by the shark thriller "47 Meters Down", a movie you may have barely heard of. The small budget film is the first wide release of Entertainment Studios, and it has already scored its first major weekend debut with $11.5 million, while the studio expected to gross around $10 million. Opening audiences were pretty harsh on the film, though, as evident from the "C" grade reported by CinemaScore, while critics offered mixed reviews (54% on Rotten Tomatoes and 56 and Metacritic).

The R-rated comedy "Rough Night" failed to make the Top 5 and opened in seventh place with a modest $8 million. A not-so-good "C+" grade from CinemaScore also spells trouble for the $20 million production, which will probably perform worse than Amy Schumer's raunchy comedy "Snatched" which at least opened with $19.5 million. It's also a far cry from the $23 million debut of the R-rated all-female comedy "Bad Moms". "Rough Night" scored mixed reviews from critics (49% from Rotten Tomatoes and 52 from Metacritic).

New Wide Releases: "Cars 3", "All Eyez on Me", "Rough Night", "47 Meters Down".

Biggest Drop : "It Comes At Night" (-56%)

Smallest Drop : "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" (-21%)

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 Cars 3 $53.4M $53.5M $21.3M $175M
2 Wonder Woman $40.7M $274.6M $297.2M $149M
3 All Eyez on Me $27M $27M N/A $40M
4 The Mummy $13.9M $56.5M $239.1M $125M
5 47 Meters Down $11.5M $11.5M N/A N/A
6 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales $8.4M $150M $500M $230M
7 Rough Night $8M $8M $4.2M $20M
8 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie $7.3M $57.9M $4.7M $38M
9 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 $4.9M $374.8M $469.5M $200M
10 It Comes At Night $2.6M $11.1M N/A $2.4M


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