Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Halle Berry To Star In And Direct MMA Drama BRUISED

Halle Berry
Academy Award winner Halle Berry is set to make her directorial debut with the mixed martial arts action drama "Bruised". Berry will also star in the lead role as Jackie "Justice", a disgraced MMA fighter who has failed at the one thing she’s ever been good at – fighting. When 6-year-old Manny, the son she walked out on years ago, returns to her doorstep, Jackie has to conquer her own demons, face one of the fiercest rising stars of the MMA world, and ultimately fight to become the mother this kid deserves.

The screenplay is penned by Michelle Rosenfarb, and the fight choreography will be handled by the team that works on the "John Wick" franchise. The film willl be produced by Basil Iwanyk ("John Wick") and Linda Gottlieb ("Dirty Dancing"). Production is set to begin next year in March.

Halle Berry is currently filming "John Wick 3" starring opposite Keanu Reeves", and she will also star in Sony's remake of the 1985 thriller "Jagged Edge".


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