Thursday, June 23, 2016

UMBRELLA CORPS Launch Trailer and Images


Capcom has released a new trailer and a batch of images for their upcoming online shooter "Umbrella Corps"

The game is a spin-off of the studio's famous "Resident Evil" franchise and it puts players in the shoes of an Umbrella operative, pitting them against zombies and mercenaries in various locations around the world that have appeared in previous games in the series.

"Umbrella Corps" is now available on PlayStation 4 (Digital Code) and PC (Steam) for $29.99.

Check out the trailer and images after the jump.

Umbrella Corps Game Cover

Umbrella Corps Game Screenshot 1

Umbrella Corps Game Screenshot 2

Umbrella Corps Game Screenshot 3

Umbrella Corps Game Screenshot 4

Umbrella Corps Game Screenshot 5

Umbrella Corps Image 1

Umbrella Corps Image 2

Umbrella Corps Image 3

Umbrella Corps Image 4

Umbrella Corps Image 5

Umbrella Corps Image 6

Umbrella Corps Image 7

Umbrella Corps Image 8

Umbrella Corps Image 9

Umbrella Corps Image 10

Umbrella Corps Image 11

Official Synopsis
"Introducing Umbrella Corps, an online competitive shooter set in the Resident Evil universe. Utilize distinct weaponry and a precise, analog cover system to fight head-to-head with other players in fast, intense online matches. "


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