Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weekend Box-Office: INSIDE OUT Conquers Fourth of July Weekend while TERMINATOR: GENISYS Flops

Box Office Terminator Genisys and Magic Mike XXL

Pixar's "Inside Out" has won its first victory against "Jurassic World" over this past Fourth of July weekend, while new releases "Terminator: Genisys" and "Magic Mike XXl" underperformed.

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"Inside Out" scored its first #1 position since its release on June 19th. It was a narrow victory as the animated film grossed $29.7 while "Jurassic World" made $29.2 over the weekend. Pixar's movie has reached a total of $368 million worldwide, while the "Jurassic Park" reboot has risen to an astonishing $1.38 billion in just 25 days.

Bad news for "Terminator: Genisys", however, which failed to rise to franchise expectations and only grossed $27 million over the weekend and $45.8 million since its release on July 1st. Overseas, the film did better by taking in $85.5 million. The new Terminator film's opening weekend gross is the worst in the series. The best debut was that of "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" with $44 million in its first three days in July, 2003.

"Magic MIke XXL" scored $12.8 million over the weekend and $30 million in its first five days, which isn't huge, but a good outcome for a movie that cost only $14.8 million to produce. That and the fact that its audience was 96% female, add up to a pretty okay debut.

New Wide Releases: "Terminator: Genisys", "Magic Mike XXL".

Biggest Drop : "Ted 2" (-66%)

Smallest Drop : "Spy" (-35%)

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 Inside Out $29.7M $250.8M $117M $175M
2 Jurassic World $29.2M $560M $826.9M $150M
3 Terminator: Genisys $27M $45.8M $85.5M $155M
4 Magic Mike XXL $12.8M $30M $6.2M $14.8M
5 Ted 2 $11M $60.5M $36M $68M
6 Max $6.6M $26.5M N/A $20M
7 Spy $5M $98M $106M $65M
8 San Andreas $2.8M $147.6M $299M $110M
9 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl $1.2M $4.1M N/A N/A
10 Dope  $1.1M $14.3M N/A $7M


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