Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Drew Goddard to Write and Direct SPIDER-MAN Reboot

Spider-Man Reboot Sony Marvel

As we last reported, Sony and Marvel have joined hands to reboot the "Spider-Man" franchise after the failure of "The Amazing Spider-Man". And now we know who will be assigned this gigantic task. Drew Goddard, director/co-writer of "The Cabin in the Woods" as well as "World War Z" and "Cloverfield" scribe, has been hired to write and direct the new reboot. Goddard was previously set to direct Sony's "The Sinister Six", a spinoff for "The Amazing Spider-Man", but now that the series has been dropped, the fate of that movie is also in question.

Spider Man reboot
According to various reports, the "Spider-Man" reboot will not be a new origin story and will start out with the superhero already established. The studio is currently looking for a fresh young actor for the part of a high-school Spider-Man who will grow up along with the franchise. It is also reported that the first film will involve Spider-Man fighting Iron Man and trying to join the Avengers, which would be similar to the Marvel comics. It will also introduce the Sinister Six which could lead to that spinoff movie Goddard was attached to before these current events. Marvel and Sony also plan to give Spidey supporting roles in other Marvel Cinematic Universe films, including "Captain America: Civil War", while MCU character are expected to appear in Spider-Man films.

The "Spider-Man" reboot is expected to be released on July 28th, 2017.


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