Sunday, September 11, 2011

Box-Office Report - Week of 9 September 2011

Now that the summer season is over, competition at the box-office begins to slow down. One major contender was expected to take it all this week-end, Steven Soderbergh's virus oubreak thriller, "Contagion". Smaller releases like the martial arts drama "Warrior" don't seem likely to win big at the box-office. So, did "Contagion" catch on ? Read the full article to find out.

As expected, "Contagion" was the king this week-end, with a $23M opening. Of course, while this is enough to rank the movie first in the top 10, it's surely not very impressive. The movie was made on a budget of $60M, so they will need a few more weeks at #1, just to be on the safe side. I'm sure Warner Brothers spent a lot of money on publicity, but releasing this kind of "apocalypse now" movie in the same week-end as the September 11th commemorations, is probably not the smartest move. The other new release, the sports drama "Warrior" did even worse, opening at #3 with $5M, which is also bad news for Lionsgate, despite a much smaller budget to recuperate ($25M).

"The Help" finally stepped down from the top spot to #2. Earning $8.6M this week-end, almost 40% down from last week, the movie is still standing strong in its fifth week in theaters, grossing a total of $137M, on a budget of $25M.

Last week's "The Debt" grossed $4.9M this week-end, registering a 50% drop from last week. The spy thriller has reached a domestic total of $22M, managing to recuperate its $20M budget, which is, I'm sure, more than the filmmakers ever hoped, seeing as the movie had a hard time finding distribution.

Rounding up the top five is "Colombiana". The action movie, from the creative team behind "Taken", grossed $4M, rounding up its three week total at $29M. Made on $40M budget, it's certainly not rushing to turn a profit. Instead, the action flick looks to finish up just below $40M, if this trend continues.

 Two other new releases from last week, "Apollo 18" and "Shark Night 3D" are falling at an alarming pace (#8 and #7, respectively). "Shark Night 3D" lost almost 60% from its opening week-end earnings, bringing its two-week total to $14M, while "Apollo 18" fell more than 60%, earning $15M in the same 14-day interval. The two horror movies learned a harsh lesson about taking the same tired formulas in front of an audience.

Check out the top 10 for the week of September 9, 2011 :
Rank Title Week-end Domestic Foreign
2The Help$8.6M$137M$3.7M
4The Debt$4.9M$22M$1.9M
6Rise of the Planet of the Apes$3.8M$168M$206M
7Shark Night 3D$3.5M$14.8M$2M
8Apollo 18$2.9M$15M$2M
9Our Idiot Brother$2.7M$21MN/A
10Spy Kids 4D$2.5M$34M$14M


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