Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weekend Box-Office: ROGUE ONE Edges HIDDEN FIGURES


The first weekend of 2017 kicked off with a very tight race between Disney's behemoth "Rogue One" and the biopic "Hidden Figures", which just expanded into wide release this week. Meanwhile new release "Underworld: Blood Wars" scored a low point for the franchise, and the fantasy drama "A Monster Calls" failed to make the Top 10 for its wide release.

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"Rogue One" was the winner at the weekend box-office, holding on to the top spot, but it was just too close. The film earned $21.9 million for the weekend and has now grossed $477.2 million domestically with another $437.1 million brought in from overseas markets. With only $9 million behind "Finding Dory", the Star Wars film is about to become the highest grossing release of 2016.

In second place, the biopic "Hidden Figures" finished with $21.8 million, an impressive result as the film expanded nationwide this weekend into over 2,400 theaters. The film holds impressive reviews from critics  (93% on Rotten Tomatoes), and moviegoers gave it an "A+" according to CinemaScore.

The animated feature "Sing" dropped to third place this week and grossed $19.5 million. The film has currently grossed $213.3 million domestically and $143.5 million internationally. An excellent result considering its "modest" $75 million budget.

The new release "Underworld: Blood Wars" finished at #4 with a weak $13.1 million, the lowest opening of all the films in the "Underworld" franchise. The film was ravaged by critics (22% on Rotten Tomatoes), but audiences seemed to enjoy it, as CinemaScore reports a rating of "B+".

The romantic musical "La La Land" rounds up the Top 5 with $10 million. The film has already earned $51.6 million domestically and another $34.1 million from foreign markets, and is shaping up to be one of the leading awards contenders this year.

Sadly, the excellent "A Monster Calls" failed to make the Top 10, grossing only $2 million from 1,523 theaters, despite a solid reception from both critics (86% on Rotten Tomatoes) and moviegoers ("A" on CinemaScore).

New Wide Releases: "Underworld: Blood Wars", "A Monster Calls".

Biggest Drop : "Assassin's Creed" (-56.2%)

Smallest Drop : "Why Him?" (-35.3%)

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 Rogue One $21.9M $477.2M $437.1M $200M
2 Hidden Figures $21.8M $24.7M N/A $25M
3 Sing $19.5M $213.3M $143.5M $75M
4 Underworld: Blood Wars $13.1M $13.1M $42.1M $35M
5 La La Land $10M $51.6M $34.1M $30M
6 Passengers $8.8M $80.8M $56.7M $110M
7 Why Him? $6.5M $48.5M $17.7M $38M
8 Moana $6.4M $225.3M $224.7M $150M
9 Fences $4.7M $40.6M N/A $24M
10 Assassin's Creed $3.8M $49.5M $50.3M $125M


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