Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekend Box-Office: MOANA Conquers Thanksgiving while ALLIED and BAD SANTA 2 Disappoint


It wasn't quite an epic battle for supremacy at the box-office this Thanksgiving, with only Disney's "Moana" doing well over the five-day timeframe, while "Allied", "Bad Santa 2" and "Rules Don't Apply" failed on all fronts.

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"Moana" made a very good impression at the box-office with $55.5 million grossed over the weekend, and a total of $81.1 since it opened five days ago. This is the second largest Thanksgiving debut, behind Disney's "Frozen" ($93.6 million in five days). It's also the third largest three-day opening of all-time. The film also grossed $16.3 million from a few territories, including China, but it still has plenty more countries to open in. "Moana" received an "A" on CinemaScore and holds a fantastic 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

In second place, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" held on extremely well, adding another $45.1 million this weekend. The film has now grossed $156.2 million domestically and $317.5 million internationally.

"Doctor Strange" dropped one position to #3 and grossed $13.3 million in these last three days, and $18.85 for the five-day timeframe. Marvel's film has now passed the $200 million mark and holds a total of $615 million worldwide.

In fourth place we have another new release, the WWII romantic drama "Allied" starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, which grossed an unimpressive $13 million in three days, and $18 million for the five-day debut. It's definitely not a good result for the film, which reportedly cost $85 million to produce, and it's director Robert Zemeckis' second disappointment, following last year's "The Walk" which failed at the box-office and, depite early awards buzz, failed to secure any major awards nominations.

The top 5 is rounded up by the sci-fi drama "Arrival", which continues to do great business, dropping only 7.3% and adding another $11.2 million over the weekend, and $15.6 million in the last five days. The film has now reached a domestic total of $62.3 million versus a $47 million budget.

Another new wide release, the comedy sequel "Bad Santa 2" is one of the holiday season's first major disappointment. The film grossed only $6.1 million for the weekend debut, and $9 million over the five-day interval. And it opened in 2,920, which makes for a really bad per-theater average. Critics mauled the film, which now holds a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and moviegoers didn't think much of it, either, as CinemaScore gave it a "C+".

The last of the newcomers, Warren Beatty's new film "Rules Don't Apply" performed even worse than "Bad Santa 2". The film landed outside the Top 10 with a three-day debut of $1.57 million and $2.17 in five days, making this the worst wide opening of 2016, and the sixth worst opening of all-time for a film opening in over 2,000 theaters. Critics and moviegoers gave it a mixed reception with a "B-" on CinemaScore and 57% on Rotten Tomatoes.

New Wide Releases: "Moana", "Allied", "Bad Santa 2", "Rules Don't Apply".

Biggest Drop : "Trolls" (-40.7%)

Smallest Drop : "Arrival" (-7.3%)

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 Moana $55.5M $81.1M $16.3M $150M
2 Fantastic Beasts
and Where to Find Them
$45.1M $156.2M $317.5M $180M
3 Doctor Strange $13.3M $205M $410.9M $165M
4 Allied $13M $18M $9.4M $85M
5 Arrival $11.2M $62.3M $30.9M $47M
6 Trolls $10.3M $135.1M $155.8M $125M
7 Almost Christmas $7.6M $36.6M N/A $17M
8 Bad Santa 2 $6.1M $9M N/A $26M
9 Hacksaw Ridge $5.4M $52.2M N/A $40M
10 The Edge of Seventeen $2.9M $10.2M N/A $9M


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