Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend Box-Office: HIDDEN FIGURES Conquers MLK Weekend While ROGUE ONE Reaches $500 Million


The Martin Luther King weekend might not have been great for new releases, but most of the old limited releases that went nationwide, "Hidden Figures", "La La Land" and "Patriots Day" made solid money. Meanwhile, "Rogue One" finally reached and is primed to cross the $500 million mark.

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Fox's "Hidden Figures" proved to be a solid contender, taking the top spot with $20.4 million for the three-day and is expected to gross $25 million for the holiday weekend. The film has currently grossed $54.8 million domestically versus a $25 million budget.

In second place we have the musical "La La Land" with a solid $14.5 million as the film expanded in 333 more theaters (including IMAX). The film has grossed $74 million domestically. The animated feature "Sing" held its ground at #3 with $13.8 million and a domestic total of $233 million.

At #4, Disney's "Rogue One" added another $13.7 million over the three-day weekend and with the entire holiday timeframe, it will cross the $500 million mark, making it the #1 release of 2016 and only the seventh film in history to cross that mark.

The horror film "The Bye Bye Man" is the only film of the new wide releases that actually made an impressive debut. The film opened with $13.3 million versus a $7.4 million production budget. The film received a bad "C" rating on CinemaScore and critics weren't impressed judging from the 28% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Peter Berg's "Patriots Day" expanded this weekend but only managed to gross $12 million for a sixth place finish. It wasn't exactly expected to be a huge hit, but pundits made more optimistic estimations for the film, which it just couldn't meet. Comparisons to Berg's "Deepwater Horizon" could be made, but that film cost more than $100 million to produce, while "Patriots Day" only cost $45 million. The film was also well received by both moviegoers ("A" on CinemaScore) and critics (79% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Paramount Pictures' "Monster Trucks" flopped this weekend, opening with $10.5 million in seventh place, which is a disaster since the film cost $125 million to produce. While the film appears to be liked by audiences considering the "A" received on CinemaScore, it didn't do too well with the critics (31% on Rotten Tomatoes).

The Jamie Foxx thriller "Sleepless" also performed poorly with an $8.4 million debut, and an expected $10 million for the four-day holiday weekend. The film's budget is estimated at $30 million, which makes it a more acceptable failure. "Sleepless" earned a "B+" on CinemaScore and an abysmal 11% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Meanwhile, other films that expanded from limited releases didn't do so well. First is Ben Affleck's awards hopeful "Live By Night" which expanded into 2,822 theaters but only grossed $5.4 million, thus landing outside of the Top 10. The other is Martin Scorese's "Silence" which brough in $1.9 million, although that was from only 747 theaters.

New Wide Releases: "Hidden Figures", "Live By Night", "Monster Trucks", "Sleepless", "The Bye Bye Man".

Biggest Drop : "Underworld: Blood Wars" (-57.5%)

Smallest Drop : "Hidden Figures" (-10.3%)

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 Hidden Figures $20.4M $54.8M N/A $25M
2 La La Land $14.5M $74M $54.8M $30M
3 Sing $13.8M $233M $164.3M $75M
4 Rogue One $13.7M $498.8M $481.1M $200M
5 The Bye Bye Man $13.3M $13.3M $1.3M $7.4M
6 Patriots Day $12M $12.9M N/A $45M
7 Monster Trucks $10.5M $10.5M $14.7M $125M
8 Sleepless $8.4M $8.4M N/A $30M
9 Underworld: Blood Wars $5.8M $23.9M $46.8M $35M
10 Passengers $5.6M $90M $147M $110M


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