Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekend Box-Office: KONG Crushes the Charts With $61M Opening


No surprises this weekend. Warner Bros' monster mayhem flick "Kong: Skull Island" topped the charts and outperformed expectations. Meanwhile, "Logan" and "Get Out" continue to perform very well.

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"Kong: Skull Island" made a big splash at the box-office, scoring a $61 million opening weekend. It's not as impressive as the $93.1 million debut of the "Godzilla" reboot, but while the 2014 film couldn't keep up the pace and ended up with $200.7 million, "Kong" could improve in the long run. It is already outperforming the radioactive reptile in overseas markets, where the giant ape has brought in $81.6 million. The film earned a "B+" score from CinemaScore's opening night polls, and it currently holds a solid 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In second place the comic book movie "Logan" dropped 57% in its second weekend for a $37.8 million finish. While the drop is considerable, the film has grossed an impressive $152.6 million in just 10 days. The R-rated superhero flick is on its way to becoming the highest grossing Wolverine solo movie.

The Blumhouse horror film "Get Out" is holding steady in third place after a still incredibly low 25% drop. It grossed $21 million over the weekend and has already crossed the $100 million mark. It is now the second highest grossing Jason Blum production, behind M. Night Shyamalan's "Split" ($135.8 million), and if it keeps up this pace it will become the studio's No.1 film. And it only cost $4.5 million to produce.

The faith-based drama "The Shack" finished in fourth place with $10 million, bringing its domestic cume to $32.2 million versus a $20 million budget. The Top 5 is rounded up by "The LEGO Batman Movie" with $7.8 million and a $159 million domestic total.

New Wide Releases: "Kong: Skull Island".

Biggest Drop : "Logan" (-57%)

Smallest Drop : "Get Out" (-25.4%)

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 Kong: Skull Island $61M $61M $81.6M $185M
2 Logan $37.8M $152.6M $285.6M $97M
3 Get Out $21M $111M N/A $4.5M
4 The Shack $10M $32.2M $0.1M $20M
5 The LEGO Batman Movie $7.8M $159M $116.5M $80M
6 Before I Fall $3.1M $9M N/A $5M
7 Hidden Figures $2.7M $162.8M $43.1M $25M
8 John Wick: Chapter Two $2.7M $87.4M $65.6M $40M
9 La La Land $1.7M $148.4M $268.4M $30M
10 Fifty Shades Darker $1.6M $112.9M $255.9M $55M


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