Friday, January 31, 2020

New Soundtracks: WISDOM TOOTH (Ding Ke 丁可)

Ding Ke 丁可

Total Time:

Plaza Mayor Company, Ltd.

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Release Date
January 24, 2020

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  • Product Description: Young adult Guxi lives with her half-brother Guliang in a somewhat depressing fishing village. They have a good life, almost like a couple. She is a maid at a hotel, he fishes. When an oil spill threatens heir income, a friend gets him work and he meets the attractive Qinghang. She brings fun, adventure and a hint of luxury to their lives, but also causes unrest. Her father is a mob boss and Guxi has trouble with budding romance. Things come to head when a fisherman dies at sea under suspicious circumstances.

    Debut filmmaker Liang Ming fluidly tells this convincing tale, subtly revealing the characters’ mutual relations and suppressed, complex emotions. Tension rises naturally, no artifice required and aided by good acting, all in a world that shifts between colorful and warm, and cold and threatening.


    1. Sky eyes

    2. Clean Travel

    3. The Commonality of beauty

    4. Hungry

    5. Take your mind

    6. Washed with milk

    7. Stars fill the sky

    8. Feet can't touch the ground

    9. Tomorrow with wild speculation

    10. Part of an animal

    11. Collapsed one-on-one

    Wisdom Tooth Soundtrack Ding Ke


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