Friday, January 24, 2020

New Soundtracks: OUR CARTOON PRESIDENT Seasons 1 & 2 (Various Artists, Cast

Our Cartoon President Cast

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WaterTower Music

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January 17, 2020

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  • Product Description: This animated series offers a satirical look at life in the White House and explores the President's relationships with his family, his staff, politicians, and members of the media. Season 1 of the comedy show is inspired by real-life events such as Donald Trump's State of the Union and his refusal to attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner, but it also imagines absurd situations such as his opening monologue to the Academy Awards and an extravagant marriage renewal ceremony.


    1. Donald Trump Is the President (feat. Gabriel Gundacker, James Monroe-Iglehart & Kathryn Allison) [Theme from Our Cartoon President] (0:59)

    2. A Place Down In West Palm Beach (1:01)

    3. Militarization (feat. Zach Smilovitz) (1:05)

    4. Save the Right (feat. Gabriel Gundacker, James Monroe-Iglehart & Kathryn Allison) (3:35)

    5. Build It Up (feat. Gabriel Gundacker, Jennifer Jackson & Kathryn Allison) (1:00)

    6. It Would Have Been My Tower (1:46)

    7. Solar Power For the Elite! (0:38)

    8. My Foot Hurts! (feat. Gabriel Gundacker & Kathryn Allison) (1:16)

    9. Fear (feat. Gabriel Gundacker, James Monroe-Iglehart & Kathryn Allison) (1:42)

    10. It's the Midterms! (feat. James Monroe-Iglehart) (0:38)

    11. Driver, Take Me To the Farm (feat. Thomas Whittington & Emily Lynne) (0:52)

    12. Growing Up (feat. Jeff Bergman, Zach Cherry, Mike Leech, William Sadler, Emily Lynne & Gabriel Gundacker) (1:06)

    13. Think of the Children (feat. Emily Lynne & Gabriel Gundacker) (0:58)

    14. Justice Chant (feat. Gabriel Gundacker & Matt Kulewicz) (0:40)

    15. Maggie Haberman (Where Did We Go Wrong?) (feat. Gabriel Gundacker & Jeff Bergman) (1:32)

    16. The Future Is Female (feat. Gabriel Gundacker) (0:39)

    17. Space Force (feat. Gabriel Gundacker) (1:18)

    Our Cartoon President Season 1 And 2 Soundtrack


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