Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Album Releases: GOES MISSING (The Cairo Gang)

The Cairo Gang Goes Missing Album
The Cairo Gang

Indie Rock

Total Time:

Record Label:
Drag City

CD, MP3, Vinyl

Release Date
June 23, 2015

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The Cairo Gang

Product Description: 2015 release from the indie band led by Emmett Kelly. There is no sweeter cry than a cry of love, and no greater love than a love of music. Like mercury through our clutching fingers, it is here and gone and spikes the blood like poison-and the Cairo knows, he's flown all 'round this world, sewin' seams and sowin' seeds in the name of that most rare, that sweet, and on the wind, melody.

When he Goes Missing, bet on it-that with guitar in hand and cry from deep in his chest, he's in search of a place to beat his feet, and play the music again. Playing with other artists over the years, Emmett Kelly has exhibited an encompassing approach to music which lends flexibility to The Cairo Gang's song-style. He's a harmony singer of supreme skill, bringing not only a sweet and supple voice but also a tremendous sympathy to the singing of it (as anyone who's caught Cairo onstage with the Bonnie 'Prince' will ever know).

Now a couple albums and tapes and singles and things into it he's making streamlined music for the ears, constructing with a heavy hand in order to have a heavy impact with more than just sounds, but songs, and beaming them in on bright bolts of sunshine so as to be valued by our walnut-sized pleasure centers. Goes Missing isn't just an awesome, awesome-sounding record of guitar pop that rocks, of songs sweetly hung with candified hooks; also it's a new report from the side of the road.


1. An Angel, a Wizard

2. Be What You Are

3. Sniper

4. She Don’t Want You

5. Chains

6. Gangsters Holding Hands

7. A Heart Like Yours

8. Some Other Time

9. Ice Fishing

10. The Open Sky

11. So What? Who Cares?


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