Monday, August 12, 2013

SEQUEL NEWS: Star Wars Episode VII, Mission: Impossible 5, Paranormal Activity 5

Star Wars

Disney has officially confirmed the release date for "Star Wars: Episode VII". While no specific date was selected by the studio, they have announced that the eagerly awaited sequel will arrive in theaters in the summer of 2015. This means that pre-production is moving along quite nicely, because the schedule looks to be pretty tight. George Lucas' prequels had a production time of aproximatively three years each. If the timeline planned by Disney is correct, that means they have maybe less than two years left to complete and release the film. Since the script is probably done and awaiting rewrites, casting is already underway and director J.J. Abrams is still onboard to direct, despite rumors saying otherwise, they should be on track for a summer 2015 release.

Mission IMpossible Tom Cruise

Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie ("Valkyrie", "Jack Reacher") has been officially confirmed as the director of "Mission: Impossible 5". Tom Cruise will return to star in the sequel and it seems Simon Pegg is also set to reprise his role from "M:I - Ghost Protocol". The script is written by Drew Pearce ("Iron Man 3"). "M:I 5" will have to work hard to beat the record $700 million earned by its predecessor. Christopher McQuarrie has also written the upcoming sci-fi actioner "Edge of Tomorrow" (formerly "All You Need is Kill") starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

Paranormal Activity

Not one, but two "Paranormal Activity" sequels are in the works and will be released in 2014. The first is a Latino spin-off titled "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones" that will reportedly focus on a Catholic inquiry into a suspected demonic possession and it probably won't relate directly to previous films in the franchise. "The Marked Ones" opens in theaters on January 3, 2014. The second is a direct sequel to the franchise, it's titled "Paranormal Activity 5", and it will open in theaters on October 24, 2014. Given the poor quality of parts 3 and 4, it's probably a good idea for the filmmakers to take a break from releasing a new installment in 2013 and maybe, hopefully, they can find an interesting direction for the franchise.


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