Sunday, February 19, 2012

BAD SANTA Sequel in the Works

Are you a "Bad Santa" fan ? Do you think it deserves to become a multi-installment franchise ? Then this bit of news will make your day. Part two of the raunchy Christmas cult-classic is on its way. It seems that Billy Bob Thornton has signed on to reprise the role of Willie, safe-cracker and bad Santa extraordinaire. In 2011, Dimension studios had commisioned two different scripts for the sequel, one by Johnny Rosenthal and the other by John Phillips. It is unknown at this point which script will be used, but it is certain that they've made their pick, according to Thornton, who had this to say : "The writer is still working on the script, he’s doing his rewrite right now. We saw the first draft and we just had a few little things we wanted to take away or add and he’s doing that. The plan is to shoot that in the fall". the studio plans to release "Bad Santa 2" on Christmas 2013.


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