Sunday, October 9, 2011

Box-Office Report - Week of 7 October 2011

This week we had plenty of new releases, but only two opened wide across the US, so the box-office saw no improvement. The Disney/Dreamworks production, "Real Steel" opened against no real competition, other than George Clooney's fourth directorial project, "The Ides of March". Who earned the big bucks at the box-office ? The robot boxing movie, or the taut political drama ? Read on to find out why the previous question is pointless and unfair ?

When you have a movie such as "Real Steel" facing off with an ensemble drama, such as "The Ides of March", you can't seriously expect the talky drama to come out winning, right ? Right. So, Disney's robot sports actioner took the top spot at the box-office, opening with a decent $27M. And by "decent" I'm only referring to the fact that out of all the movies this week, "Real Steel" has earned the most. In fact, the current gross puts Disney and Dreamworks in a tough spot, because the movie cost $110M to make. There is hope, however, thanks to its foreign box-office intake, which puts the movie close to $50M all together. If there are no dramatic changes in the next few weeks, "Real Steel" might yet turn a profit.

Of course, George Clooney's political drama, "The Ides of March", couldn't catch up to the sci-fi giant, but it did manage to rank second with $10M. Despite grossing a modest amount of money (solid enough, I think, for this genre), it's going to become profitable very soon, seeing as it was made on a budget of $12.5M.

"Dolphin Tale" drops to #3, after claiming the top spot last week, earning $9M over the last three days, 34% less than the previous week-end, adding up to a total of $49M in 17 days, well clear of its $37M budget. Right beneath the family film, at #4, is the sports drama "Moneyball", registering a similar drop and cumulating a domestic gross of (once again) $49M, also in 17 days, almost recovering its $50M budget.

"50/50", the dramedy starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, managed to hold on at #5 for a second consecutive week, earning $5.5M and a total of $17M, on an estimated budget of $8M. The Christian drama "Courageous" took a big hit, falling from #4 to #6, grossing $4.6M, aprox. 50% less than its opening week-end. The movie, produced on a budget of $2M, earned a total of $15M in 10 days.

"The Lion King (in 3D)" is starting to slip badly, earning only $4.5M in the last three days, which means a  drop of almost 60% from last week-end. The last three movies to round up the top 10 have all registered drops between 40% and 50% : "Dream House" ($4.5M), "What's Your Number ?" ($3M) and "Abduction" ($2.9M). Of these last three movies, only "Abduction" can brag about having a significant foreign box-office.

Check out the top 10 for the week of October 7 :
Rank Title Week-end Domestic Foreign
1Real Steel$27M$27M$22M
2The Ides of March$10M$10MN/A
3Dolphin Tale$9M$49MN/A
7The Lion King (in 3D)$4.5M$85.9M$28M
8Dream House$4.5M$14.5M$1M
9What's Your Number$3M$10M$6M


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