Monday, October 3, 2011

Box-Office Report - Week of 30 September 2011

The box-office is starting to relax after the summer effort. The autumn season so far has been filled with so-so productions, movies that studios didn't think could make it face to face with other tentpole releases. So, this week, we have a cancer dramedy starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen ("50/50"), a Christian inspirational drama about police officers having a crysis of faith ("Courageous"), a mystery thriller from director Jim Sheridan, starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts ("Dream House") and an R-rated rom-com starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans ("What's Your Number ?"). How did these new releases rank in the top 10 ? Read on to find out.

None of the above four releases managed to take the top spot. Instead, last week's #3, "Dolphin Tale" rose to become #1 this week. The family film performed well, grossing $14M this week-end, dropping only 25% from its opening week-end. At this point, the movie has recovered its $37M budget. The Brad Pitt starrer "Moneyball" came in second once again, earning $12M, 35% less than it opening week-end, and grossing a total of $38M, which is stil short of its $50M budget. The sports drama is performing well and looks to turn a profit in the next few weeks.

The 3D re-release of "The Lion King (in 3D)" fell to #3 after two consecutive weeks at the top spot, earning $11M this week-end, a 50% drop from last week, which means the animated movie's momentum is dissipating. Still, it has grossed over $79M domestically, which I'm pretty sure is unheard of for a re-release.

Among the new releases, the best grosser of the bunch turned out to be "50/50", which opened at #4. The dramedy earned $8.85M, beating the Christian drama "Courageous" by only $50,000. But, I must say the big surprise here is that "Courageous" actually made it into the top 10. This is a movie with pretty much no hype, no big names and a very small budget ($1M), that had nothing going for it other than its inspirational story. Yet, here it is, rounding up the top 5.

"Dream House", a thriller with some big names attached to it, but a very harsh critical reception (and a trailer that pretty much spoiled every plot twist except the ending credits), only managed to open at #6 with a modest $8M. the movie was made on a $50M budget, so I guess Universal isn't very happy with it. The negative hype from early scathing reviews and its spoilerish trailer probably factored somewhat to this result. Another underperforming new release is the R-rated rom-com "What's Your Number ?", which grossed only $5.6M in the last three days, landing it at #8, right below another underachiever, "Abduction", which dropped 50% from its already weak opening week-end.

Check out the top 10 for the week of September 30 :
Rank Title Week-end Domestic Foreign
1Dolphin Tale$14M$37MN/A
3The Lion King (in 3D)$11M$79M$16M
6Dream House$8M$8MN/A
8What's Your Number ?$5.60M$5.6MN/A
10Killer Elite$4.8M$17M$4.8M


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