Sunday, October 23, 2011

Box-Office Report - Week of 21 October 2011

The week of 21 October saw a lot of limited releases and only a few movies that opened in a wider number of theaters : "Paranormal Activity 3" which requires no introduction, "Johnny English Reborn" the sequel to a 2003 spy spoof starring Rowan Atkinson and "The Three Musketeers", a movie I wish I could say is a spoof of Alexandre Dumas' novel of the same name. Which of these brave new productions made it into the top 10 ? Read on to find out.

"Paranormal Activity 3" opened at the top spot, pulling in $54M in its first three days, surpassing all expectations and scoring a record-breaking opening week-end in the horror category. The second best is  "Paranormal Activity 2" ($40M), followed by Sony's "The Grudge" ($39M) and Dreamworks' "The Ring Two" ($35M). In the Found Footage genre, only one other movie, except the second and third "Paranormal Activity", has registered a plentiful opening week-end and that movie is "Cloverfield" ($40M). "The Blair Witch Project" opened with a rather modest $29M.

"Real Steel" falls down one spot, grossing $11M, which adds up to a domestic total of $67M in 17 days. Combined with foreign earnings the movie has recovered its $110M budget, but I feel it's not quite what Disney had in mind for the movie. At #3, last week's remake "Footloose" danced itself another $10M this week, a minor 30% drop from its opening week-end, summing up the total gross at $30.8M, which more than covers for its $24M budget. The other remake/prequel, that opened last week, "The Thing", fell sharlpy (-60%) from an already unimpressive opening, ranking ninth with only $3M grossed, which adds up to a total of $14M in 10 days, well below its $38M budget.

One of the most disappointing box-office performances of the week comes from "The Three Musketeers", a visual effects driven actioner, offering a heavily stylized and loose adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' novel. The movie failed to achieve the big opening it seemed to hype, ranking fourth with a modest $8.8M. It did however do much better overseas, where the total box-office adds up to about $49M. Still, the $90M budget will prove difficult to recuperate only with foreign intake. I'm sure they will make a profit, but it won't be nearly as hefty as the filmmakers might have hoped. Similarly, "Johnny English Reborn" earned a weak $3.8M in the US, but its foreign tally reached a spectacular $85M, adding up to a total sum that puts pretty much every movie in the top 10 to shame.

Check out the top 10 for the week of October 21 :
Rank Title Week-end Domestic Foreign
1Paranormal Activity 3$54M$54MN/A
2Real Steel$11M$67M$56M
4The Three Musketeers$8.8M$8.8M$49M
5The Ides of March$4.9M$29MN/A
6Dolphin Tale$4M$64MN/A
8Johnny English Reborn$3.8M$3.8M$85M
9The Thing$3M$14MN/A


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