Monday, September 19, 2011

Box-Office Report - Week of 16 September 2011

The week of September 16 saw the release of the highly anticipated thriller "Drive", starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan and of Disney's 3D converted re-releases of "The Lion King". Among the lesser hyped releases were "Straw Dogs" a remake of a 1971 Sam Peckinpah movie and "I Don't Know How She Does It", a Sarah Jessica Parker romantic comedy. Which of these movies climbed to the top spot this week ? Read on to find out.

The mighty lion roared at the box-office last week, as "The Lion King (in 3D)" surpassed all expectations and opened with an explosive $29M over the week-end. The animated film originally made on a $79M budget opened on June 15, 1994 with less than $2M, but went on to earn $319M domestically and $459 internationally back in 1994.  While the re-release is unlikely to earn that much, it will probably open a discussion about whether or not it's profitable to convert classic movies to 3D and re-release them theatrically. A recent case is "Top Gun", which is undergoing a 3D conversion process and should be re-released sometime in 2012.

The other new releases underperformed, or, to be really mean about it, lost ground to a movie made in 1994. "Drive", a movie that received some of the best reviews this year, only managed to land at #3 with an opening week-end worth only $11M. But, since the movie only cost $13M to make, I'm sure they're pretty happy with it. The remake of a 1971 Sam Peckinpah thriller, "Straw Dogs", did even worse, opening at #5 with $5M. Made on a $25M budget, it's unlikely they can boost their earnings past $15M. "I Don't Know How She Does It" starring Sarah Jessica Parker opened at #6, grossing $4.5M over the last three days. The comedy has a budget of $24M and seems to also be headed for around $10-15M.

Check out the top 10 for the week of September 16, 2011 :
Rank Title Week-end Domestic Foreign
1The Lion King (in 3D)$29M$29M$12M
4The Help$6M$147M$5.6M
5Straw Dogs$5M$5MN/A
6I Don't Know How She Does It$4.5M$4.5MN/A
7The Debt$2.9M$26M$1.9M
9Rise of the Planet of the Apes$2.6M$171M$219M


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