Sunday, June 26, 2011

WATCHMEN Writer Joins THE CROW Reboot

Brandon Lee as Eric Draven
Reluctant as I may be when it comes to seeing a reboot of Alex Proyas' cult classic, "The Crow", I still find the names involved in its making to be intriguing. The first name that was dropped some time ago was that of director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who in 2006 directed "28 Weeks Later", the sequel to Danny Boyle's zombie classic. No doubt he has the dark touch needed for this movie Then the search for a leading man to step in Brandon Lee's shoes began. For a while, Mark Wahlberg's name was dropped as favorite for the supernatural anti-hero. Now, Bradley Cooper ("Limitless", "The Hangover Part I & II") is the new Eric Draven, the man who returns from the grave to avenge his wife's murder. The latest addition to the roster is "Watchmen" writer Alex Tse. According to Relativity Media, the reboot will be a gritty reimagining of the original concept. Now, anyone who has seen the Alex Proyas movie knows how cool it was, an innovative gothic action thriller brimming with slick cinematography and production design. Will they be able to pull it off again ?

There are still many problems yet to be resolved. For one, there's the legal trouble with the Weinstein Company (formerly Miramax), who claim Relativity Media is illegally shopping around for distribution rights that are rightfully owned by the Weinsteins. And, of course, Bradley Cooper's casting was met with harsh scepticism by fans. But, I trust he can pull off an intense dramatic performance. If you don't believe me, check out "Midnight Meat Train", or even "Limitless".


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