Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Box-Office: SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING Scores $250M Worldwide


"Spider-Man: Homecoming" didn't break any records but topped the charts with a spectacular amount of money. Meanwhile the rest of the Top 10 didn't show any spectacular changes, especially since there were no other new wide releases.

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The Marvel-Sony partnership "Spider-Man: Homecoming" finished in first place with $117 million, which makes it the second largest opening in the "Spider-Man" franchise, slightly above Sam Raimi's original "Spider-Man" ($114.8 million) and below "Spider-Man 3" ($151.1 million). Of course, these numbers don' take inflation into account, which changes the order significantly. It is however an improvement over "The Amazing Spider-Man" reboot series, which opened with $62 million and $91.6 million, respectively. The new reboot series still has to earn the trust of loyal Spider-Man fans, but considering the enthusiastic response so far, the sequels will probably earn a lot more. The film received and "A" from opening night audiences according to CinemaScore and critics liked it a lot, as well (93% on Rotten Tomatoes and 73 on Metacritic).

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" raked in $140 million overseas from 56 mmarkets, with the most money coming from South Korea ($25.8 million). The film will also open in France, Germany, Spain, Japan and China later on, with the latter probably adding a significant boost to the global cume.

The animated sequel "Despicable Me 3" dropped to second place with $33.9 million. The film has grossed $149.1 million domestically and a solid $298.4 million internationally. It also broke a record in China, where it grossed $66 million, the largest opening for an animated film.

"Baby Driver" moved over to #3 in its second weekend, but is keeping a steady pace with only a 38% drop from its debut, grossing $12.7 million. Overseas it grossed over $56 million, which adds up nicely against its $34 million budget.

"Wonder Woman" held over in fourth place with $10.1 million and a domestic total of $368.7 million, while its international cume now stands at $377 million.

The Top 5 is rounded up by "Transformers: The Last Knight" which continues its steep decline, aproximatively 60% in its third weekend, grossing $6.3 million for a $120 million domestic total, the worst performance in the 5-film series directed by Michael Bay. Internationally it brought in $375.7 million.

Elsewhere in the Top 10, the independent romantic comedy "The Big Sick" , developed by Amazon Studios, upgraded to #8 and grossed $3.6 million after adding 255 more theaters to the 71 it was already shown in. The film expands nationwide next week.

New Wide Releases: "Spider-Man: Homecoming".

Biggest Drop : "Transformers: The Last Knight" (-62.7%)

Smallest Drop : "The Beguiled" (-34%)

Rank Title Weekend Gross Domestic Total Foreign Total Budget
1 Spider-Man: Homecoming $117M $117M $140M $175M
2 Despicable Me 3 $33.9M $149.1M $298.4M $80M
3 Baby Driver $12.7M $56.8M $14M $34M
4 Wonder Woman $10.1M $368.7M $377M $149M
5 Transformers: The Last Knight $6.3M $118.9M $375.7M $217M
6 Cars 3 $5.6M $133.7M $60M $175M
7 The House $4.8M $18.6M $5.4M $40M
8 The Big Sick $3.6M $6.9M N/A $7M
9 47 Meters Down $2.8M $38.5M N/A $5M
10 The Beguiled $2M $7.4M $0.8M $10M


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