Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Jason Momoa to Star in JUST CAUSE Movie

Jason Momoa to star in Just Cause movie
"Just Cause" is yet another major video game franchise that is taking its chances on the big screen. The movie will be directed by Brad Peyton ("San Andreas") from a script by John Collee ("Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World"), and it has also been revealed that Jason Momoa ("Aquaman") will star as protagonist Rico Rodriguez. Momoa and Peyton have previously collaborated on the Netflix series "Frontier".

The first "Just Cause" game was released in 2006 and gave players control over Rodriguez, an operative for a mysterious organization known as the Agency, who is tasked with overthrowing the dictator of a Caribbean island called San Esperito believed to be in possession of weapons of mass destruction. The protagonist's most memorable trait, the grappling hook used in performing various stunts, was introduced in the second game. It was also from the second game that the franchise, developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix, really took flight and became the movie adaptation-worthy video game it is today. Since there are no plot details available at this time, it's unclear exactly which of the three games will serve as inspiration for the film.

The film will be produced by Peyton, Jeff Fierson, Adrian Askarieh, Eva Cao, Fan Dong and Roy Lee. 20th Century Fox will distribute the film worldwide, except for China where distribution will be handled by DNA Co. Ltd.

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