Saturday, February 11, 2017

New TOUKIDEN 2 Trailers Reveal Chain Whip and Sword & Shield

Two new trailers for Koei Tecmo's upcoming RPG "Toukiden 2" introduce two new weapon types, the Chain Whip, which allows for fast-paced manoeuvres both on the ground and in the air, and the Sword & Shield, a combination of both offense and defense. The weapons can be used for light and heavy attacks, and each offers special abilities that can be combined with the versatile Demon Hand.

Among the weapons available in the game, Koei Tecmo mentioned "swords, spears, knives, gauntlets, chain-sickles (kusarigama), bows, clubs, polearms, and rifles". These weapons can be personalized and enhanced with the assistance of the freed souls of fallen heroes, known as Mitama. Defeating larger foes will free Mitama, which can be used to add Attack, Defense, Speed, Healing, and Control boosts to the player's weapon, armor, or the Demon Hand.

"Toukiden 2" will be released in North America on March 21st, and in Europe and Australia on March 24th. For more information, check out the official website.

Watch the trailers after the jump.

Toukiden 2 Game Image

Official Synopsis
"Located amid the tattered landscapes of Toukiden 2, the seemingly peaceful village of Mahoroba is riven by internal conflict. Despite being tasked with the protection of Kagura, the Shrine Maiden, the town’s two rival clans – the Samurai and the Imperial Guard – clash for dominance, jeopardizing the safety and the future of the sanctuary settlement. In an effort to defuse the tension, the Holy Mount has sent in its own force of Slayers, but their presence feels more like a threat than a path to a peaceful solution. Will the new Slayer who mysteriously appeared on the outskirts of Mahoroba unite the irate guardians, or will the devastating events that tore once-allied factions apart prevail and sound the end of humanity?"


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