Thursday, November 10, 2016

Olivia Munn Joins Shane Black's PREDATOR Sequel

Olivia Munn to star in Predator sequel
20th Century Fox's new Predator sequel, simply titled "The Predator", is coming along quite nicely under the direction of "The Nice Guys" writer/director Shane Black. The cast is being rouned up as we speak and after the announcement that Boyd Holbrook ("Gone Girl") has replaced Benicio Del Toro for the lead role, we now know that Olivia Munn ("X-Men: Apocalypse") has joined the reboot. Munn will play a scientist, while Holbook will be starring as a Special Forces commando.

Here is what Black had to say about the film:
"I think the Predator movies have slightly veered from typical sci-fi in that there is a sort of thriller aspect to them. I think it should be scary, I think it should be funny, and I think ultimately it should be wondrous and about perceiving things that human beings very seldom get a chance to see… I don’t mean movie audiences I mean characters in the movie. I’m not saying the movie will be nothing anyone’s seen before (laughs)."
Production on "The Predator" is set to begin in February and the release date is scheduled for February 8th, 2018.

The Predator (2018) Teaser Image


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