Monday, December 29, 2014

EVERLY Trailer: Salma Hayek Battles the Yakuza

Everly Movie Trailer Salma Hayek

The first trailer for the action thriller "Everly" has been released. Directed by Joe Lynch, the film stars Salma Hayek as a Yakuza prostitute and informer for the police who is forced to defend herself against assassins sent by a dangerous mob boss, who also happens to be her ex. This would be Hayek's attempt at rebranding herself Liam Neeson-style, and already the Internet is roaring about this being a female version of Die Hard. It remains to be seen just how good it really is. The film also stars Jennifer Blanc, Togo Igawa, Akie Kotabe and Hiroyuki Watanabe. So far there is no official release date for the film.

Watch the trailer after the jump.

Everly Movie Poster Salma Hayek

Official Synopsis
"EVERLY co-stars Togo Igawa (LAST SAMURAI; MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA), Masashi Fujimoto (SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE) and Hiroyuki Watanabe. The Black List script by Yale Hannon is an intense action thriller centered on a down-on-her-luck woman (Hayek) who is forced to fend off waves of assassins sent by her ex, a dangerous mob boss, while trying to save her estranged mother and daughter. The film is set entirely in one apartment, and is based on a concept created by Lynch."