Sunday, June 30, 2013


This weekend was great for the box-office, with over $150 million being brought in only by the films in the top 5. While Pixar's "Monsters University" still dominates the top 10, holding on at the top spot with $46M over these last three days, the action comedy "The Heat" starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy took over an honorable second place with $40M, especially impressive considering it's an R-rated movie. The Brad Pitt starrer "World War Z" dropped to #3 with $29M but overall it's doing great, earning $259M worldwide versus a $190M budget.

Roland Emmerich's big-budget blockbuster "White House Down" starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, isn't doing so great, however. The film, which cost $150M to make, only earned $25M in its opening weekend. By comparison, the other White-House-under-siege movie, "Olympus has Fallen", earned $30M in its first three days, but only cost $70M to make and was rated R. "White House Down" is rated PG-13, which was supposed to widen its audience accessibility.

"Man of Steel" rounds up the top 5 with a $20M weekend and a worldwide gross of $520M. The Superman reboot has now grossed more than twice its budget ($225M) and looks like a suitable candidate for one or two sequels.

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It's time for some more "Transformers 4" car pictures. The Autobot vehicles revealed this time are the 2013 Pagani Huayra and the 2014 Argosy Freightliner. I guess it's going to be a while until we get some images of the actors starring in this sequel. Still no information about the robots these cars belong to, but we'll get to that, eventually, so stay tuned.

The previously released images featured the Lamborghini Aventador, Optimus Prime's Western Star truck, the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse, the C7 Corvette Stingray (green), Bumblebee's vintage 1967 Camaro. and a new Autobot called Hound. "Transformers 4" stars Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Li Bingbing, Sophia Myles and Glenn Morshower. The release date is June 27, 2014.

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Today we have over 15 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage for Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim" in the form of exclusive on-set videos (via Collider) and a new featurette about the film's story. The marketing campaign for del Toro's epic sci-fi adventure is rather intense and with the release date fast approaching, Warner Bros. is definitely looking forward to some big box-office numbers. "Pacific Rim" stars Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Idris Elba, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman. The release date is July 12, 2013.

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Original Soundtrack Recording

Javier Navarrete

Total Time:

Silva Screen


Release Date
June 25, 2013

Track List:

1. Main Titles
2. Secrets
3. No One
4. The Coventry Carol
5. Sonata in C Major, Opus 2, No. 3 - Adagio (Simon Chamberlain)
6. Hotel Byzantium
7. Eleanor's Dream
8. Hunters
9. Steal Something from Her
10. My Mother
11. Whore
12. Thirst
13. You Came for Me
14. At School
15. It Would Be Fatal
16. My Mother Was Dying
17. Ancient Knowledge
18. An Empty Island
19. Betrayed
20. As Darkness Fell
21. My Mother Saw Her Chance
22. I'm Sixteen Forever
23. Birthday Gift
24. Clara Immortal
25. Love Dark
26. Blade From Byzantium
27. Always


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Four new movie clips for Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim" have been released and they do a great job of establishing the characters and tone of the film. Through these clips we get to see a preview of one of the awesome Kaiju versus Jaeger battles in the film and various character interactions. "Pacific Rim" stars Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Idris Elba, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman. The release date is July 12, 2013.

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The third official trailer for James Wan's new horror "The Conjuring" has been released. The film stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as a husband and wife team of paranormal investigators in the 1970s, who accept the case of the Perron family whose Rhode Island farmhouse is haunted. This new trailer is quite clever, mixing footage from the film with interviews of the real Perron family members. "The Conjuring" also stars Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston and will be released on July 19, 2013.

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Kick Ass 2 Picture

Two viral videos have been released for "Kick-Ass 2". The clips are recruitment videos for Justice Forever, the superhero league led by Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey), in which Doctor Gravity, Battle Guy and Insect Man give out speeches meant to convince you to join a life of fighting crime. The film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jim Carrey, Morris Chestnut, John Leguizamo, Olga Kurkulina and Donald Faison. "Kick-Ass 2" opens on August 16, 2013.

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The first clip and behind-the-scenes featurette for the found-footage sci-fi thriller "Europa Report" have been released. The clip shows a lengthy suspenseful scene in which Sharlto Copley and Michael Nyqvist get into a little bit of space trouble. The featurette will satisfy any curiosity regarding the plot and filmmaking involved. "Europa Report" also stars Anamaria Marinca, Daniel Wu, Christian Camargo and Embeth Davidtz. The film opens in theaters and on iTunes on August 2, 2013.

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Movies opening this week in theaters:

  • THE HEAT (20th Century Fox / R)
  • WHITE HOUSE DOWN (Sony Pictures / (PG-13)
  • BYZANTIUM (IFC Films/ R)

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Friday, June 28, 2013


A new trailer and two character posters have been released for the intense drama "Prisoners". The film stars Hugh Jackman as a man whose 6-year-old daughter is kidnapped and takes matters into his own hands when the police is unable to find any leads and release their only suspect (Paul Dano). Jake Gyllenhaal stars as the detective assigned to the case. The film is directed by Denis Villeneuve ("Incendies") and also stars Maria Bello, Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo and Viola Davis. "Prisoners" opens on September 20, 2013.

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The first trailer and poster for the horror comedy "Hell Baby" have been released. The film is written and directed by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant ("Night at The Museum", "Reno 911!: Miami") and is a parody of haunted house and demon possession flicks. Jack (Rob Corddry) and his pregnant wife, Vanessa (Leslie Bibb), move into a haunted house and all hell breaks loose when the wife becomes possessed. Their only hope is a team of Italian exorcists (Garant and Lennon). "Hell Baby" opens in theaters on September 6, 2013 and will be available on iTunes on July 25th.

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A new featurette for Gore Verbinski's "The Lone Ranger" is online. The clip shows how hard it was for the filmmakers to shoot the film on all kinds of difficult weather in the desert. The film stars Armie Hammer, Johnny Depp, Tom Wilkinson, Ruth Wilson, Barry Pepper, Helen Bonham Carter, James Badge Dale and William Fichtner. "The Lone Ranger" opens on July 3, 2013.

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The first trailer for the dramedy "Thanks for Sharing" has been released. The film is written and directed by Stuart Blumberg, the co-writer of "The Kids Are All Right", and it stars Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Gad, Alecia Moore (Pink) and Tim Robbins as sex addicts facing recovery and trying to achieve a sense of normality. "Thanks for Sharing" opens on September 20, 2013.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013


We have the first trailer for the action thriller "Escape Plan" (formerly "The Tomb") starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Stallone plays Ray Breslin, the world’s foremost authority on structural security. His skills are put to the test when he finds himself framed and incarcerated in a prison of his own design, from which he must escape in order to prove his innocence and find out who set him up. To this end he enlists the help of fellow inmate Swan Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger). The film is directed by Mikael Hafstrom ("1408", "The Rite") and also stars Jim Caviezel, Curtis '50 Cent" Jackson, Vinnie Jones, Vincent D’Onofrio and Amy Ryan. "Escape Plan" opens on September 27, 2013.

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Julianne Moore is in talks to join the last two "Hunger Games" films, "Mockingjay - Part 1" and "Mockingjay - Part 2", which are a two-part adaptation of Suzanne Collins' final novel in the trilogy. Moore will star as District 13 leader Alma Coin, who hopes to use Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) as a symbol for the rebellion and overthrow President Snow (Donald Sutherland). Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Philip Seymour Hoffman will also return for the last two sequels. The release dates are November 21, 2014 for Part 1 and November 20, 2015 for Part 2.

Last week it was reported that Sandra Bullock was in talks to star in the musical remake "Annie" produced by Will Smith and Jay-Z. Today it was announced that Bullock passed on the project and Cameron Diaz has signed a deal to star as the tyrannical orphanage owner Miss Hannigan. The musical will star Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis as Annie and Jamie Foxx as Benjamin Stacks, the modern version of the original musical's Daddy Warbucks. "Annie" is set to open on December 25, 2014.

You probably already know that William Fichtner has been cast to star in the Michael Bay produced reboot "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", formerly titled "Ninja Turtles", but his role was never disclosed. This week, Fichtner finally revealed that he will be playing the iconic Turtles villain Shredder:
"“I play Shredder. It is cool. It’s one of those things that came along where I thought, ‘Really? Let me think about this for a minute.’ [Laughs] Then I was like, ‘Yeah, OK, this sounds like a journey.’ I’m very glad that it worked out, I’m really glad that I’m doing it."
The turtles are played by Alan Ritchson, Noel Fisher, Jeremy Howard and Pete Ploszek. The film also stars Megan Fox as reporter April O'Neil, Danny Woodburn as Splinter, Will Arnett and Whoopi Goldberg. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" opens on June 6, 2014.



Four new clips have been released for the Jason Statham action thriller "Redemption", formerly known as "Hummingbird". The film is written and directed by Steven Knight, the writer of "Dirty Pretty Things" and "Eastern Promises". Statham stars as a broken ex-Special Forces soldier who returns to London and struggles to find justice in an violent and corrupt world. "Redemption" opens in theaters and on demand on June 28, 2013.

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Two teaser trailers for the 3D animated feature "The LEGO Movie" have been released. The film tells the story of Emmet (Chris Pratt), an average LEGO minifigure who is mistaken for the most extraordinary LEGO person and the one who could save the LEGO world from the evil tyrant President Business (Will Ferrell). The voice cast also features Will Arnett (as Batman), Morgan Freeman (as God), Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson, Nick Offerman and Alison Brie. "The LEGO Movie" opens on February 7, 2014.

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You can check out the posters and official synopses after the jump. Here is a short description of the posters:

  • New banner poster for Nicolas Winding Refn's crime thriller "Only God Forgives" starring Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas and Vithaya Pansringarm. Opens on July 19, 2013.

  • The first poster for "Don Jon" starring, written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film also stars Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Brie Larson and Tony Danza. Opens on September 27, 2013.

  • Three new character posters for Disney's "Planes", a spin-off of Pixar's "Cars". Opens August 9, 2013.

  • Three new posters for the thriller "Runner Runner" starring Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck and Gemma Arterton. Opens on September 27, 2013.

  • The first poster for the dramedy "The Lifeguard" starring Kristen Bell, Martin Starr and Mamie Gummer. No release date announced.

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In this new clip from "World War Z", UN worker Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and Israeli soldier Segen (Daniella Kertesz) are enjoying a quiet flight when all zombie hell breaks loose. The film is directed by Marc Forster ("Monster's Ball", "Quantum of Solace") and also stars Mireille Enos, Matthew Fox, James Badge Dale, Daniella Kertesz and David Morse. "World War Z" opens on June 21, 2013.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


A new international trailer is available online for the sequel "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters". It reveals a bit too much of the movie, but it does get its message across. This is going to be your typical loud visual effects extravaganza. The film stars Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson, Stanley Tucci, Douglas Smith, Nathan Fillion and Missi Pyle"Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" opens on August 16, 2013.

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A new international trailer for "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" has been released. The film is an adaptation of Cassandra Clare's novel, which tells the story of a fifteen-year-old girl (Lily Collins) who finds herself in the middle of a battle between demons and the Shadowhunters. The latter are a breed of half-human, half-angel warriors who are dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. The film also stars Lena Headey, Robert Sheehan, Jamie Campbell Bower, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Kevin Durand and Jared Harris. "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" opens on August 23, 2013.

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The Counselor Brad Pitt

The first trailer for Ridley Scott's new film "The Counselor" has appeared online. It's a teaser trailer, so it's very short, but it manages to tease its assets. First of all we have a great cast assembled for this film, featuring Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, Dean Norris, Rosie Perez, John Leguizamo, Natalie Dormer and Goran Visnjic. Secondly, this is the first original screenplay written by author Cormac McCarthy ("The Road" and "No Country for Old Men"). As for the plot, the film tells the story of a lawyer (Fassbender) who gets involved in drug trafficking. "The Counselor" opens on October 25, 2013.

[UPDATED] - Added 2 new official images.

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Ender's Game Asa Butterfield Image

Three propaganda posters have been released online for the upcoming sci-fi action-adventure film "Ender's Game", an adaption of Orson Scott Card's novel. The film stars Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin, Viola Davis and Ben Kingsley. "Ender's Game" opens on November 1, 2013.

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The Wolverine Hugh Jackman Picture

Four new sumi-e posters for "The Wolverine" have been released today. The posters feature characters Jean Grey (Famke Janssen), Shingen (Hiroyuki Sanada), Mariko (Tao Okamoto), and Harada (Will Yun Lee). We've already seen in one of the trailers that Jean Grey appears in a dream sequence in the film, but after her character poster was released I wonder if they plan to expand the character's role somehow. "The Wolverine" is directed by James Mangold ("3:10 to Yuma", "Walk the Line") and stars Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Svetlana Khodchenkova and Rila Fukushima. The release date is July 26, 2013.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pacific Rim Movie Image

In case you forgot that Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim" is coming soon, this new trailer should refresh your memory. This time we get less action and more of a mix between the Kaiju versus robots battles and several dramatic character scenes, all set to the sound of Idris Elba delivering the "cancelling the apocalypse" motivational speech. The film also stars Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman. "Pacific Rim" opens on July 12, 2013.

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Liam Neeson Taken Image

First of all, yes, there will be another "Taken" sequel. Secondly, Liam Neeson will reprise the role of retired CIA operative Bryan Mills in the new installment, and Deadline reports that the veteran actor will receive a salary of $20 million if negotiations end well. Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace are also in talks to return. Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen are currently working on the script for "Taken 3" and although no director has been officially approached, "Taken 2" helmer Olivier Megaton could return to direct.


Man of Tai Chi Movie Image

Seven new posters have been released for Keanu Reeves' directorial debut "Man of Tai Chi", a Kung Fu actioner which stars Tiger Hu Chen as a young fighter who enters an underground martial arts tournament run by Reeves' character, who is also the story's villain. The fights are choreographed by Yuen Woo-Ping, the man behind the memorable fight scenes from "The Matrix" and "Kill Bill". "Man of Tai Chi" also stars Karen Mok, Iko Uwais and Simon Yam. No release dates have been announced.

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Pacific Rim Soundtrack Ramin Djawadi


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Ramin Djawadi

Total Time:

Watertower Records


Release Date
June 25, 2013

Track List:

1. Pacific Rim (feat. Tom Morello)
2. Gipsy Danger
3. Canceling The Apocalypse
4. Just A Memory
5. 2500 Tons Of Awesome
6. The Shatterdome
7. Mako (feat. Priscilla Ahn)
8. Call Me Newt
9. Jaeger Tech (feat. Tom Morello)
10. To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters
11. Better Than New
12. We Are The Resistance
13. Double Event
14. Striker Eureka
15. Physical Compatibility
16. Category 5
17. Pentecost
18. Go Big Or Go Extinct (feat. Tom Morello)
19. Hannibal Chau
20. For My Family
21. No Pulse (feat. Tom Morello)
22. Kaiju Groupie
23. Deep Beneath the Pacific
24. The Breach
25. We Need A Weapon


The Heat 2013 Soundtrack Various Artists


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists

Total Time:

Lakeshore Records


Release Date
June 25, 2013

Track List:

1. Fight The Power (Part 1 & 2) (The Isley Brothers)
2. Werkin' Girls (Angel Haze)
3. Stranglehold (Ted Nugent)
4. More Than A Feeling (Boston)
5. Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (LCD Soundsystem)
6. Flashlight (Serafin & Rev Kev Heat Remix) (Parliament)
7. Rock This (Santigold)
8. Left Ey3 (Kreayshawn)
9. Groove Is In The Heart (Dee-Lite)
10. Dance With My Father (Luther Vandross)
11. Every Woman In The World (Air Supply)
12. Lonely Town, Lonely Street (Bill Withers)
13. Roller (April Wine)
14. 212 (Azealia Banks featuring Lazy Jay)
15. Come Into My Head (Kimbra)


The Call Halle Berry Blu-Ray DVD


Rated: R | Runtime: 94 min | Studio: Sony Pictures

The Call Blu-Ray Cover
Synopsis: In this heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat thriller, veteran 911 operator Jordan (Halle Berry) takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl (Abigail Breslin) who has been kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a madman’s car. But with the clock ticking, Jordan soon realizes she must confront a killer from her past in order to save the girl’s life and put an end to a serial killer’s haunting rampage.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

RED 2 new clips

A full package of six clips from the action comedy "RED 2" have been released via Collider. The sequel looks to be just as much fun as the first film, with plenty of action and laughs. Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker reprise their roles from "RED" and the new additions to the cast include Byung-hun Lee, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins. "RED 2" is directed by Dean Parisot ("Fun With Dick and Jane", "Galaxy Quest") and will be released on July 19, 2013.

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World War Z Weekly Summary

This post contains all the news, trailers, movie clips, DVD/Blu-Ray releases and many more, that you may have missed in the last seven days, arranged in an accessible manner. Just browse and click the article titles you want to read. Read the full article to check out the weekly summary.

Jobs Ashton Kutcher Image

The first trailer for the Steve Jobs biopic "Jobs" is here. The film stars Ashton Kutcher as the Apple co-founder and CEO, and covers a time period of about 40 years, from the days of building computers in a garage, to building one of the world's most powerful companies. The film premiered at Sundance this year but was met with mixed reviews, the consensus being that this is a bland and mostly forgettable biopic. If you were expecting another "The Social Network", you might be better off waiting for Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic. "Jobs" also stars Josh Gad, Dermot Mulroney, Lukas Haas, J.K. Simmons, Ron Eldard, Amanda Crew and Matthew Modine. The release date is August 16, 2013.

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Free Birds Movie

The first trailer for the animated feature "Free Birds" has been released. From the producer of "Shrek" and director of "Horton Hears a Who" comes the story of two turkeys that travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving. Their mission: to save turkeys from centuries of slaughter. The film features the voices of Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler, Dan Fogler, Lesley Nicol, George Takei, Colm Meaney, Keith David, Eddie Sotelo, Josh Lawson and Danny Carey. "Free Birds" opens in 3D on November 1, 2013.

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World War Z Banner

Despite all the behind-the-scenes drama involving rewrites, reshoots and budget issues, "World War Z" turned out to be a box-office hit. The Brad Pitt starrer grossed $66M domestically and an additional $45 million from outside the US. It's no surprise that Paramount is now considering a sequel. The film was already designed as a multi-installment franchise, considering Pitt's character utters the line "This isn’t the end; not even close." in the film's final scenes. According to Movies.com, the way the film originally ended before the rewrites was even more sequel-oriented than the current ending and even included a larger part for Matthew Fox. As for what the sequel's story might be, Pitt himself said when asked about a follow-up movie: "There is enough material to mine from the book for a sequel. We could barely get a fraction of the book in this movie. So we’ll see." Stay tuned for more information as it arrives.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
And speaking of zombies, Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to star in the zombie apocalypse movie "Maggie". He will play a father whose daughter has been infected and is slowly becoming one of the undead. At one point Chloe Grace Moretz was attached to star as the daughter, but she dropped out of the project. The film will be directed by Henry Hobson, who has mainly done title design work for "The Walking Dead" and "The Lone Ranger" among others, and the script is written by John Scott. Production begins this fall.

Jurassic Park Image

Some "Jurassic Park 4" plot details have surfaced. Although it's very early to be 100% sure this will be the movie's storyline, JoBlo reports that the sequel will involve a fully functional dinosaur theme park set on Isla Nublar:
"JURASSIC PARK 4, set in present day Isla Nublar, is now an actual theme park, as originally intended by John Hammond in the first film. It garners 10 million visitors per year and is completely safe – until it’s not. The park itself is described as very Sea World-esque and includes an area called the Isla Nublar Lagoon. That means underwater dino’s for the first time. No indication of what kind, but there’s concept art showing one of the aquatic dino’s, as part of a show, jumping out of the lagoon and eating a strung up great white shark like it was a fish for a dolphin at sea world."
"Jurassic Park 4" will be directed by Colin Trevorrow ("Safet Not Guaranteed") and the script is written by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver ("Rise of the Planet of the Apes"). The release date was supposed to be June 13, 2014, but Universal has announced that it would delay production until everyone was certain they could deliver the ultimate epic Jurassic Park experience. Variety also reported that Bryce Dallas Howard and David Oyelowo may be in talks for the lead roles.
"In coordination with filmmakers, Universal has decided to release Jurassic Park 4 at a later date giving the studio and filmmakers adequate time to bring audiences the best possible version of the fourth installment in Universal’s beloved franchise. We could not be more excited about the vision that Colin Trevorrow has created for this film, and we look forward to watching as he and the producers create another great chapter in this franchise’s storied history."
Poltergeist Image

The "Poltergeist" remake is also moving forward. The film will shoot this fall and will be co-financed by MGM and Fox 2000. Gil Kenan ("Monster House") is set to direct from a screenplay by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, David Lindsay-Abaire ("Oz: The Great and Powerful"). The remake is produced by Sam Raimi ("Evil Dead", "Spider-Man") and will probably be released in 2014. Here is the official plot synopsis:
"In a revisionist take on the classic horror film, a family struggling to make ends meet relocates to an outdated suburban home and is confronted by an angry spirit who kidnaps their youngest daughter and challenges them to band together to rescue her from the clutches of evil."
Cameron Diaz Picture

Cameron Diaz will return as materialistic foul-mouthed teacher Elizabeth Halsey in the sequel "Bad Teacher 2". Sony greenlit the new installment with Jake Kasdan returning to direct from a script by newcomer Justin Malen. The first film was a worldwide hit grossing $216M. Diaz has not officially signed for the sequel, but since the project is built around her, it's only a matter of time. Until then, there is also a "Bad Teacher" sitcom developed for CBS which will air next year with Ari Graynor playing the Diaz role.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

World War Z Box Office

The two major wide releases of the week scored great at the box-office. Pixar's "Monsters University" was the big winner with $82M in just 3 days, an improvement over the $62M opening of "Monsters Inc." and it even ranks as the second best opening for a Pixar movie, behind "Toy Story 3" ($110M). The Brad Pitt zombie thriller "World War Z" managed a strong second place with $66M, much better than the $30M-$40M that Paramount predicted initially. "Man of Steel" dropped over 64% from its opening weekend and took two steps back to #3, but it's still doing well and the domestic total is at $210M now. The foreign markets, however, are less receptive to the Superman reboot, with only $73M gathered over 10 days. 

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

RED 2 Helen Mirren Image

We have the first movie clip and two new TV spots for "RED 2". The action comedy once again features the "Retired Extremely Dangerous" crew from the first film, but the action this time clearly has a bigger budget. The clip is fun and the TV spots add some quick bits of new footage along with the classic "movie trailer guy" narration. The film stars Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker, Byung-hun Lee, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins and it's directed by Dean Parisot ("Fun With Dick and Jane", "Galaxy Quest"). The release date is July 19, 2013.

Watch clip and TV spots after the jump.

Brad Pitt World War Z image

If you haven't yet decided whether or not you're going to see "World War Z" this weekend, here's a new action-packed clip from the zombie thriller. The film stars Brad Pitt as a UN worker who has to travel across the world in a race against time to figure out how to stop a zombie epidemic. In this particular clip, a mission goes wrong when a swarm of zombies take down a military helicopter that was supposed to rescue Pitt and his friends. The film is directed by Marc Forster ("Monster's Ball", "Quantum of Solace") and also stars Mireille Enos, Matthew Fox, James Badge Dale, Daniella Kertesz and David Morse. "World War Z" opens on June 21, 2013.

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