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Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2

Although not as hyped as season 1, the new season of the web-series "Mortal Kombat: Legacy" has been released via Machinima, but this time Warner Bros. decided to release all 10 episodes of the new season at the same time. So, now you can watch the full season from beginning to end (after the jump). While certainly flawed, the new season does provide some improvements over the first one. First of all, the production values have increased. Secondly, most of the roles have been recast, even the returning characters, resulting in some better acting.

The new additions include Mark Dacascos ("Crying Freeman", "Brotherhood of the Woold") as Kung Lao, Casper Van Dien ("Starship Troopers") as Johnny Cage, David Lee McInnis as Raiden, Michelle Lee as Mileena, Eric Steinberg ("Stargate SG-1") as Sub-Zero, Daniel Southworth ("Act of Valor") as Kenshi, Kim Do Nguyen (stunt work for "The Avengers") as Ermac, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Shang Tsung. Tagawa previously played Tsung in the 1995 "Mortal Kombat" movie directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

In terms of story and character deleopment, I'll let the fans judge the series. While the overall evolution of the series can be described as ambitious, they certainly need to work harder to deliver a truly compelling story. Still, for what it is, it's a lot of fun.

Kevin Tancharoen, the creator of "Mortal Kombat: Legacy" returns to direct the new season and is also working hard to deliver the big screen reboot fans are waiting for. The reboot has been scheduled for release in 2015 by Warner Bros. The millions of views that these Machinima episodes have are proof enough that Warner Bros. could land a big box-office hit when the movie finally arrives in theaters.

Watch all 10 episodes after the jump.

Episode 1 Synopsis

"Down and out Liu Kang gets into a drunken fight in a seedy Macau bar with the local gangsters. Liu Kang is not happy when Kung Lao comes to his rescue and the two have a tumultuous reunion."

Episode 2 Synopsis

"We flash back to what has brought Liu Kang to such a low point in his life... we watch as his fiancée is murdered before his eyes. Back in the present, we watch as Kung Lao leaves his Macao monastery and approaches the portal to the Mortal Kombat tournament."

Episode 3 Synopsis

"We watch as the Earthrealm and Outworld warriors appear at the Mortal Kombat tournament island. Raiden greets the Earthrealm warriors. We also flashback to feudal Japan for the beginning of Kenshi's origin story."

Episode 4 Synopsis

"We continue with Kenshi's origin story in feudal Japan and watch as he is blinded in his first fight with Ermac. In the present, blind Kenshi battles Ermac in the tournament."

Episode 5 Synopsis

"We flash back to Kitana and Mileena getting their orders to enter the tournament... Kitana is uneasy about the truth of her past. She flashes back to a moment in Season 1 where she mistakenly murders her biological father. In the present, the sisters argue as they track Johnny Cage through the forest. They surprise him and chase him down."

Episode 6 Synopsis

"We flash back to how Johnny Cage was recruited to the tournament by Raiden... as he sits in a jail cell. In the present, we watch as Johnny fights for his life against Mileena and Kitana. He is only able to escape when the sisters turn on one another."

Episode 7 Synopsis

"Flashback to feudal Japan, where Scorpion, his wife and his son are waylaid on the road by Sub Zero's angry younger brother. Scorpion is forced to kill him to protect his family. In the aftermath, Scorpion and Sub Zero attempt to renew a childhood friendship and form a truce between their warring clans."

Episode 8 Synopsis

"We flash back to feudal Japan and reference the moments in Season 1 where Scorpion's family is seemingly murdered by Sub Zero and his clan. In the present, Scorpion searches the tournament field for Sub Zero and exacts his revenge."

Episode 9 Synopsis

"Flashback to the weeks before Liu Kang is recruited into the tournament. We see that Liu Kang has become a hitman as he murders Russian mobsters in a seedy motel. After the job is done, Liu Kang is visited by Shang Tsung, who recruits him to join the tournament... however this time, he'll fight on the darkside of the Outworld warriors."

Episode 10 Synopsis

"In the present, Stryker treats Johnny Cage's wounds when Liu Kang comes upon them and fights them both. Kung Lao appears, shocked that his old friend is here and that he is fighting with the warriors of Outworld."


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