Thursday, August 15, 2013

VAMPIRE ACADEMY Trailer & Poster

Vampire Academy Movie Image

The first trailer and poster for the film "Vampire Academy" (also titled "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters") have been released. The film tells the story of Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch), a Dhampir (half human, half vampire) whose legacy is to protect the Moroi (peaceful, mortal vampires) from the bloodthirsty Strigoi (immortal Vampires). The film is directed by Mark Waters ("Freaky Friday", "Mean Girls") and it is based on Richelle Mead's series of novels. "Vampire Academy" also stars Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky, Gabriel Byrne, Sarah Hyland, Joely Richardson, Olga Kurylenko, Cameron Monaghan, Sami Gayle, Claire Foy and Ashley Charles. The release date is February 14, 2014.

Check out the trailer and poster after the jump.

Vampire Academy Movie Poster

Official Synopsis

"Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir: half human/vampire, guardians of the Moroi, peaceful, mortal vampires living discretely without our world. Her legacy is to protect the Moroi from bloodthirsty, immortal Vampires, the Strigoi. This is her story."


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