Friday, November 16, 2012

TRANSFORMERS 4 Story and Location Updates

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New details have surfaced regarding "Transformers 4". According to director Michael Bay, the sequel will take place four years after the events of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" :
"The movie will continue four years from the Attack on Chicago; which is in the last movie. So it’s going to still have the same lineage. And it’s going a full new direction and feels very natural how it’s going in that direction, there is no way you’re going to ever find out what the story because you don’t have to dig through my trash but I shredded my trash…"
Last week, Mark Wahlberg was cast as the lead in this sequel, which is also a reboot of sorts for the Transformers series, featuring a new cast of robots and humans. New reports also seem to indicate that Paramount is looking to place the action of "Transformers 4" in China, as a sort of marketing ploy, now that China is allowing more American films to be released in the country (usually 3D and IMAX releases). "Transformers 4" will be released on June 27, 2014.


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