Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Steven Spielberg's TERRA NOVA Cancelled

I never found any real reasons to start watching "Terra Nova", a TV series that offered little attractions beside the huge budget, fancy visual effects and the fact that it was produced by Steven Spielberg. It seems I have even less reasons to start watching now, as Fox took a quick and painless decision to limit its damages and cancelled the expensive show after numbers indicated it was not attracting enough viewers to justify its price tag. So it came that the Spielberg produced show, which only ran for 13 episodes, will be placed on the market for some other network to pick up. But don't get your hopes up, because this doesn't equivalate to a bright future for any TV series.

I remember when "Medium" was sold from NBC to CBS after five seasons, it only gave the series an extension of two more seasons, and the quality of the show did not improve, either. So, in my opinion, Terra Nova is dead and buried, although Spielberg might decide to push for one more season, just in case there's a devout following waiting to grow into a mass following. Until then, I think Spielberg might also have some problems with his other sci-fi TV series, "Falling Skies", which is just as expensive and just as close to being axed.