Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Official James Bond Image from SKYFALL

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I will admit I am not the biggest James Bond fan, but the Daniel Craig reboot had me thinking that the series could finally escape its pulpy roots and reinvent itself. It managed to do that with "Casino Royale", but "Quantum of Sollace" was a step back for the franchise. Of course, the whole "let's make it gritty" approach is a little overused these days, but there's no denying the high levels of excitement it breathes into the series. That being said, the third in the rebooted Bond series, titled "Skyfall", is currently shooting, so it's a great opportunity for us to get some sneak previews. The above image (via Facebook) is the first official picture from the production and it's a neat still of Daniel Craig holding a gun in a dark sci-fi-looking room. Obviously, I can't quite make any observation on the quality of the movie just yet. It's definetly a James Bond flick, that's for sure.

For more details about the production, including cast and crew, read this blog article, which contains a very detailed press release. Film score fans might also be excited to find out that composer Thomas Newman, a frequent collaborator of Sam Mendes' (who is directing "Skyfall"), will be composing the soundtrack. Newman received 10 Oscar nominations for Best Original Score, so far, and here are some of the nominated soundtracks : "American Beauty", "Shawshank Redemption", "WALL-E" and "Road to Perdition". Also notable is his work on the soundtrack of HBO's "Angels in America" mini-series, which earned him a Grammy nomination. Yeah, I'm a total film music geek, too.


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