Sunday, October 16, 2011

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Quits on THE CROW Reboot

Things are not looking good for "The Crow". After Bradley Cooper dropped out of the leading role, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo ("28 Weeks Later") just announced that he's walking away from the project and will be directing the "Highlander" reboot instead. This means, of course, that this project has reached a serious dead end. The only name attached to the reboot's credits, so far, is writer Alex Tse ("Watchmen"). Right now the studio is hunting for a replacement director, but it will be a long wait, and I suppose the 2013 release date will be pushed even further, if the production keeps getting delayed. Honestly, I think they should just leave this franchise alone. The 1994 version with Brandon Lee is a cult classic and no matter how they decide to update it, the reboot will never achieve the same fame, or success as the original, unless they refrain from copycatting and actually succeed in finding a different, yet true to the comic books look and feel, and a solid leading actor. But first, they have to find a new director.


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