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Box-Office Report - Week of 5 August 2011

Seeing as last Friday was pretty uneventful when it came to new releases, a single movie towered above all the rest, the highly anticipated sci-fi actioner "Rise of the Planet of the Apes", starring Andy Serkis, James Franco and Freida Pinto. Read the full article to see how the blockbuster fared at the box-office.

It seems Fox picked a good week to open their sci-fi blockbuster "Rise of the Planet of the Apes", the prequel to the 1968 classic starring Charlton Heston. The movie did unexpectedly well, grossing $54M in its first three days, while reports for Friday alone indicated earnings of around $19M. With a budget of about $90M, which is absolutely okay for a movie that features some ground-breaking technology for the CGI apes, it looks like it's going to start making a profit pretty soon. Foreign earnings aren't all that great, but they still add up to a nice global sum. Next week is also pretty light on new releases, with only "Final Destination 5" looking to steal the grown-up audiences, so the ape revolution might find itself back at #1, especially considering the last movie in the "Final Destination" franchise opened with only $27M in 2009. Week-end earnings usually drop by half or more, but there's still a chance the sci-fi epic can overcome the horror gore-fest.

"The Change-Up", the R-rated body-switch comedy, starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, underperformed in its opening week-end, with only $13.5M. The movie was also pretty expensive to make, with a budget of $52M. There are some solid reasons to worry for Universal, because the movie has already received scathing reviews and a lukewarm reception from audiences, which means word-of-mouth will not help. Bateman's other R-Rated comedy, "Horrible Bosses" is doing much better with $129M grossed worldwide during its 30-day run in theaters, so far.

Last week, "Cowboys & Aliens" and "The Smurfs" shared first place. It was bad news for the expensive "C&A", but good news for the more modest Smurf flick. And, today, the Smurfs have even more reason to celebrate, as the children's movie takes second place, firmly ahead of Jon Favreau's sci-fi western, with a solid $21M over the week-end. The total earnings are looking much better too, with the Smurfs adding up to $76M domestically, while the cowboys ride into the sunset with only $67M.

In other news, "Captain America" has lost even more money this past week, with a modest $13M during the week-end, which adds up to a total of $246M worldwide. Still, it pales when compared to Marvel's other super-hero movie released this year, "Thor" which earned $180M domestically and $447M worldwide. Much better at making money is "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2". The final chapter in the Potter saga already crossed the billion dollar mark last week and is still going. I bet Warner Bros. wished they had more books in the Potter series.

Check out the top 10 for the week of August 5 :
Rank Title Week-end Domestic Foreign
1Rise of the Planet of the Apes$54M$54M$23M
2The Smurfs$21M$76M$52M
3Cowboys & Aliens$15.7M$67MN/A
4The Change-Up$13.5M$13.5MN/A
5Captain America: The First Avenger$13M$143M$103M
6Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2$12.2M$342M$791M
7Crazy, Stupid, Love$12.1M$42MN/A
8Friends with Benefits$4.7M$48M$7.7M
9Horrible Bosses$4.6M$105M$24M
10Transformers: Dark of the Moon$3M$344M$693M


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