Friday, July 1, 2011

In Theaters Now : LARRY CROWNE (2011)

Official Synopsis : Until he was downsized, affable, amiable Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) was a superstar team leader at the big-box company where he's worked since his time in the Navy. Underwater on his mortgage and unclear on what to do with his suddenly free days, Larry heads to his local college to start over. There he becomes part of a colorful community of outcasts, also-rans and the overlooked all trying to find a better future for themselves...often moving around town in a herd of scooters. In his public-speaking class, Larry develops an unexpected crush on his teacher Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts), who has lost as much passion for teaching as she has for her husband. -- (C) Universal Pictures

What to Expect : A romantic comedy derived from a formula as old as cinema, but driven by two charismatic leads, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Not the most original thing out there, but a welcome escape from the loud explosions and artificial look of every summer blockbuster out there.

Critical Response : Mixed to negative. Critics loved the chemistry between Hanks and Roberts, but loathed the deliberate slow pacing and convential (some might even say clumsy) storytelling. Most negative reviews pointed out that the root of all evils is the screenplay written by Hanks and Nia Vardalos ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding"), which is overly sentimental and sitcom-ish despite the purportedly profound intentions of the writing team. 35% fresh on Rottentomatoes.com from 41 positive and 76 negative reviews.

More Details : 

  • Starring : Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Roxana Ortega, Rob Riggle, Dale Dye.

  • Director : Tom Hanks.

  • Screenplay : Tom Hanks, Nia Vardalos.

  • Running Time : 99 min.

  • Rating : PG-13 for brief strong language and some sexual content.


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