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Box-Office Report - Week of 8 April 2011

It's been a pretty underwhelming week at the box-office. The four major movies released on April 8 underperformed and managed to accumulate unimpresive ticket sales. Here's the breakdown of the top 10 movies at the box-office :

  • For a second consecutive week no movie could stop "Hop" from being the number one movie in the US. After last week's solid debut ($38M), it fell sharply to $21M over the week-end, but its total 10-day earnings reached $68M, which more than cover the $63M budget. "Hop" is now officially profitable and (unfortunately) eligible for a sequel treatment.

  • At #2 is one of the newly released movies of last week, "Arthur". Though I'm sure the producers hoped it would do better, it only earned $12.6M over its first three days, which puts the Russell Brand starrer in a tough spot. Sure, if you look back, the original "Arthur" opened with just $2M back in 1981, but managed to reach a total of $95M in its 30-week run, all on a budget of only $7M. The 2011 version cost $40M to make and will be lucky if it manages to break even before exiting the top 10. It certainly proves that remakes aren't very profitable.

  • Next, at #3 comes Joe Wright's "Hanna". The deadly teenager action thriller pulled off a modest $12M over the week-end. To be fair, though, it did not benefit from the heavy marketing that other movies such as "Hop" or "Arthur" had, nor from any hugely bankable stars in its cast, so it's really quite a feat. Its smallish $30M budget should take 2-3 weeks to recoup if it doesn't drop too badly in the following weeks. It should finish somwhere around $40-50M. However, if word-of-mouth manages to save it from falling, it might do even better. Then it's off to the DVD/Blu-Ray circuit where I expect it WILL do better.

  • The inspirational true-story drama "Soul Surfer" swam its way up to #4 with a week-end cume of $11M. Not a very impressive first three days, but considering it only cost $18M to make, it's definitely a winner. I expect the total cume to reach $30M in the next few weeks. Not all that bad.

  • Returning for its second week at the box-office, at #5, is the haunted house horror "Insidious", dropping a low $4M to a three-day sum of $9.7M, and a 10-day total of $27M. It now has recuperated its budget ($1M) exactly 27 times. An it's still far from the finish line. It has a good shot of finishing up at around $50M. Scary good.

  • Opening at a dissapointing #6 is the Danny McBride/James Franco/Natalie Portman debacle "Your Highness". Wasting all that star potential, this low-brow comedy only earned $9M on its first three days, which is bad news for its estimated $50M budget. By comparison, director David Gordon Green's other stoner comedy "Pineapple Express" opened with a solid $23M. If that movie went on to gross $87M, "Your Highness" will probably only be good for about $35-40M, on a $50M budget. Critics savaged this movie and it seems movie-goers agreed, for once, with the critics. Word-of-mouth seems unlikely to revive this flop.

  • At #7, " Source Code" struggles to hold on, abruptly falling five places, from last week's #2, and dropping by $6M to a less encouraging $9M week-end. Its total now stands at $28M. It has a good chance of salvaging its $32M budget, but it's unlikely it will go past the $50M marker. The mounting competition will only hurt its chances of remaining in the top 10 for more than a week or two.

  • #8 finds four-week veteran "Limitless" enjoying its top 10 stay. Dropping a safe $4M to $5.6M this week-end and a cool total of $64M, this movie is officially a successful gamble, recovering more than double its budget. Earning aproximatively $10M dollars over the last seven days, "Limitless" finds itself in a very comfortable position, despite growing competition and, although it will probably fail to reach the $100M mark, it might still finish somewhere around $85-90M, even after it exits the top 10.

  • "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules" finds itself losing ground fast. Barely placing at #9, with just $4.8M over the three day timeframe, compared to last week's $10M, the family film sequel made slim progress, adding only $7M to last week's total, which now comes at $45M. The way it looks now, it will probably finish at around $65-70M, outside the top 10. The first movie earned $64M last year.

  • Another four-week veteran returning is "The Lincoln Lawyer" at #10, falling just $3M to a $4.6M week-end cume and a solid $46M total. It has now recuperated its $40M budget and although it looks to exit the top 10, it will still go on to make somewhere between $1-2M over the next week-end. Stiff competition pushed this one right out, but it might still reach the $60M marker before it finishes its theatrical run.

Here is the Top 10 for the week of 8 April 2011 :

1. Hop
Weekend : $21.7M
Total : $68.2M

2. Arthur
Weekend : $12.6M
Total : $12.6M

3. Hanna
Weekend : $12.3M  
Total : $12.3M

4. Soul Surfer
Weekend : $11.1M   
Total : $11.1M

5. Insidious
Weekend : $9.7M  
Total : $27M

6. Your Highness
Weekend : $9.5M  
Total : $9.5M

7. Source Code
Weekend : $9M    
Total : $28.6M

8. Limitless
Weekend : $5.6M    
Total : $64.4M

9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
Weekend : $4.88M
Total : $45.5M

10. The Lincoln Lawyer
Weekend : $4.6M  
Total : $46.5M


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