Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Batman Gets Rebooted

The Dark Knight's future looks pretty dim.
Why am I not surprised ? Jeff Robinov, Warner Bros. executive, has come out with some new information regarding the future of the Batman franchise, post-Nolan. The executive has stated during an interview that after Christopher Nolan finishes his Dark Knight trilogy, the series will be rebooted in order to fit the fantasy line of DC Comics characters, and facilitate a "Justice League" movie. Now this is something of a wet dream for Warner and they've been trying to get a "Justice League" project off the ground for about a decade, coming real close to it in 2007, but Nolan's realistic vision for the Batman franchise and its huge success meant that Warner had no choice but to shelve the project. Now, with other DC adaptations on the way, like the "Superman" reboot and the "Green Lantern" movie, it seems to be the right time, at least in Robinov's mind. Plus, Marvel is doing the same with its "The Avengers" project. The smell of fierce competition is in the air and the studios rise to the occasion. The only problem is, of course, Batman. But it's an easy fix : they'll just reimagine the whole thing, as if Nolan's movies never existed. I have doubts regarding how well that's going to work. It's too bad that there won't be any more Nolan directed Batman movies after 2012s "The Dark Knight Rises". I have a feeling studios are taking far too many liberties with using the word "reboot" these days.


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